Mapbox Humanitarian

Mapbox tools are free for humanitarian response.

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Make maps fast when they're needed most

Our tools let you build fast with massive data. We are committed to supporting humanitarian responders with data, satellite imagery, services for OpenStreetMap, and free Mapbox accounts.

Share response imagery

Post-event imagery collected by UAVs or satellites is essential for assessing impact and planning a response. Upload imagery to Mapbox to easily share, annotate, and integrate it with those in need, wherever they are.

Build maps across platforms

Mapbox Studio lets you publish maps on mobile and the web that are optimized for low-bandwidth environments and can run entirely offline. These powerful cartographic tools and ultra-efficient vector tiles let humanitarian teams work in the field, across platforms, for free.

Our Commitment to OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap data drives our maps, and we help the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team update maps in rapidly changing environments. Changes to OpenStreetMap are reflected in our base maps within minutes, and our Directions API responds to road accessibility changes dynamically. Our team activates in major events, coordinates closely with HOT, improves data, and processes imagery.

Humanitarian needs are growing

Mapbox wants to help you scale maps during a response so that you can focus on other critical needs. Get in touch and we'll set you up with a free account.