Autopilot Map

Extend coverage and reduce disengagements with daily-updated maps for autopilot systems

Industry leading coverage

Full coverage of roads—from highways to residential streets

Daily updates

Daily updates across all road classes.

Painless distribution

Bandwidth efficient delta updates streamed to vehicles

Build a better autopilot

For safer, happier drivers

Cover more roads

Extend your vehicle's autopilot capabilities to more roads—from highways to residential streets—allowing drivers to get right to their destination with autopilot.

Reduce autopilot disengagement

Reduce driver frustration and increase safety by eliminating unnecessary autopilot disengagements caused by stale data.

Learn from vehicles on the road today

Mapbox allows ordinary vehicles to detect changes as they drive and contribute them back to the Autopilot Map. The result is more coverage and increased update frequency.

Make intelligent decisions with precise data

Unique data layers to unlock sophisticated decision-making

Pinpoint object locations

Enable intelligent decision-making with rich data that captures physical objects such as road edges, markings, and traffic control devices.

Access common driver patterns

Leverage behavioral driving patterns aggregated from millions of real-world drives to guide your vehicle though the trickiest maneuvers, including complex intersections that lack lane markings.

Get your vehicle from A-to-B

Equip your autopilot with road topology and lane connectivity information that give your vehicle bigger picture context into the sequence of maneuvers needed to reach the destination.

Integrate with flexible distribution

Popular data formats delivered via multiple channels

Download in bulk or stream from cloud to car

Download the data each day as a bulk file or stream the map directly to your vehicle from the Mapbox cloud.

Leverage industry-standard formats

Access the map in multiple formats including Mapbox Vector Tiles (MVT), JSON, NDS, and Opendrive.

Accelerate integration with the ADAS SDK

Use the Mapbox ADAS SDK to feed the Autopilot Map directly into your vehicle's Controller Area Network (CAN) bus in ADASISv2/v3 format.

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