Navigation SDK for automotive

Navigation SDK for automotive

Solutions tailored for custom in-vehicle routing, wayfinding, and infotainment to enhance the driver experience.

Ready to prototype

Start with the UX framework to build an immediate in-vehicle prototype.

Infotainment flexibility

Optimize the responsive UI layout for any screen size.


Runs on Android or Linux and can be modified to embedded hardware.

Advance the Electric Vehicle experience

Optimize for EV navigation with seamless range planning and charging features.

Frictionless charging

Predict and plan for ideal charging stops with the EV Charge Finder API, integrated into the Mapbox Navigation SDK. Let drivers tailor suggestions based on live availability, charging network preferences, cost, trip type, nearby amenities and more.

Smart range planning

Provide drivers with accurate trip range and estimates of remaining battery on arrival. Mapbox EV Routing accounts for live vehicle data, driver behavior, current and predicted traffic, and location context like elevation.

Personalized for EV drivers

Design a unique in-vehicle experience with dynamic alerts and custom branding to match any brand, model, or driver profile. Use the UX framework or take full control over map appearance, interactive elements, and service integrations.

Customize UX for automotive

Design a navigation experience within any vehicle’s infotainment interface.

Flexible UX framework

The Navigation SDK provides both core map and navigation features in a responsive UI layout, with optional add-ons for search, EV, and voice assistant. Use the UX framework widgets to efficiently assemble a unique navigation experience.

Tailored design

UX flexibility and fully customizable map styling give automakers the design control needed to craft interfaces that match the brand and the style of any vehicle – from polished urban luxury to rugged off-road terrain.

Intuitive search

Suggest the most relevant search results for faster destination input. Suggested addresses and points of interest are contextualized to a driver's trip for simple one-tap navigation.

AI voice assistant

Revolutionize hands-free infotainment interactions with MapGPT, a customizable and conversational assistant with access to advanced search and navigation capabilities.

Sync with mobile

Use the Mapbox Navigation SDK for Mobile to seamlessly integrate in-car navigation with a mobile companion app. Allow drivers to share trips between their vehicle and phone.

Additional Features

Designed to run in-car

Configure the navigation view for any screen size, CPU, GPU, memory, storage, and network configuration.

Instant map updates

Mapbox continuously improves underlying map data. Over-the-air updates are separate from application updates.

Optimized camera views

The camera view automatically adjusts to the best angle and zoom level for upcoming maneuvers and UI overlays.

Alerts and voice instructions

Enable auditory cues, text, or icon alerts for upcoming changes or points of interest.

Instant feedback

Drivers can submit feedback about road situations with two taps.


In-map audio controls allow the drivers to change music with minimal interruption.

Customer stories

The BMW Group revolutionized the in-car navigation experience in the new BMW/MINI Operating System 9 using the Mapbox Navigation SDK for Android. Features include an immersive 3D map style with detailed buildings and charging-optimized route planning.

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The navigation system inside the new Rivian R1T and R1S electric vehicles is powered by Mapbox, enabling Rivian to create a customized experience that matches the adventurousness of the vehicles.

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The navigation system inside the new Rivian R1T and R1S electric vehicles is powered by Mapbox, enabling Rivian to create a customized experience that matches the adventurousness of the vehicles.

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General Motors uses Mapbox in their new Maps+ offering, a monthly subscription service that gives drivers access to live navigation, music streaming, voice assistance, and more.

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