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With the Mapbox Navigation SDK and supporting products, ANWB redesigned their Onderweg driver app to offer hyper-local trip planning tailored to their brand, users, and region

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Comprehensive support for mapping and navigation features, including live travel conditions, provided by the Mapbox platform
  • Mapbox Tiling Service enables automated updating of custom data layers
  • Mapbox Electronic Horizon warns drivers with relevant safety alerts

products used

Navigation SDK

Mapbox Tiling Service

Directions API



The Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) is the largest travelers association in the Netherlands, and their 5 million members make them one of the biggest travel organizations in Europe. ANWB strives to connect its members with the Dutch landscape through a wide range of products and services that help people to travel easily and more enjoyably, as well as more sustainably.

At the heart of the ANWB community is the Onderweg app (Dutch for ‘On-The-Go’) for iOS and Android. Onderweg is designed to help motorists plan trips with features including real-time traffic data, fuel and EV charging stations, and roadside assistance. But one thing was missing for a truly one-stop-shop travel app: Navigation support.

After an extensive review of solutions, ANWB chose the Mapbox Navigation SDK to build a customized and high-quality navigation experience, and quickly discovered further possibilities to enhance the Onderweg app using location-driven features.

"Building with Mapbox helped us to connect together all the pieces of Onderweg into a unified on-the-road concierge. By prioritizing the navigation experience throughout all stages of a trip, we discover new ways to provide value to our members."

David Broza, Tech Lead for Mobile Development, ANWB

Looking under the hood of Onderweg reveals the many ways that ANWB is innovating with location. The Mapbox Navigation SDK powers both turn-by-turn directions for planned routes as well as a flexible ‘free drive’ mode for drivers who know their route but still want to receive alerts and contextual information. The Mapbox Directions API provides live-updating travel time predictions based on current traffic and road conditions.

Mapbox Search lets drivers search for locations and points of interest. ANWB designers use Mapbox Studio to tailor a living, custom map style that highlights relevant features. The Mapbox Tiling Service enables ANWB to sync data on available parking spaces, EV charging locations, and fuel prices so users have the latest ANWB member information built directly into their navigation experience. The Mapbox Electronic Horizon proactively serves up safety information such as speed limits, traffic congestion, and upcoming safety-related incidents.

ANWB has redesigned the Onderweg app to offer a hyper-local trip support experience tailored to their brand, users, and region. Location features work seamlessly together, drawing from both Mapbox and ANWB data. With their designers and developers able to nimbly update and deploy maps, ANWB is setting a new standard of location-driven innovation.

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