Mapbox Support

Accelerate your time to value with Mapbox. Your connection to Mapbox best practices, from our self-serve developer resources to our expert engineers.

Mapbox Support plans

Whether you’re just getting started or building at scale, we’re here to help. From free community resources to paid support with guaranteed response times and dedicated assistance, every Mapbox developer has access to help and support when you need it.


You know the product, or can quickly pick it up following the technical documentation

  • No guaranteed first response time
  • Developer docs
  • API status notifications
  • Developer Discord
  • Submit cases via web
Read the Docs


You are familiar with the code and are seeking help from a product expert

/ Month
  • Everything in Developer
  • Guaranteed first response in 3 business days
  • Guidance on proper API syntax


You are looking for a technical partner for implementation best practices

of monthly spend

10% of your spend on all Mapbox products and services for each month

$500/mo minimum
  • Everything in Essential
  • Guaranteed first response in 1-3 business days
  • Response within 4 hours for emergencies
  • Technical best practices, tailored for your use case
Contact sales


Mapbox is a core part of your business and you are looking for a strategic partner

  • Everything in Business
  • Private Github repos
  • Dedicated Support Engineer
  • Response within 1/2 hour for emergencies
Contact sales

Frequently asked questions

With a paid plan, who is able to contact support?

For our Essential support plan, the email address associated with the account that signed up for support will need to be the contact email address when you open a support case via our support form.

For our Business and Premium support plans, you must write in with an email from your company's domain. if you work with a contractor that will be opening support cases on your behalf, please let our sales team know those domains when you are setting up your plan so we can associate them with your support plan.

What types of cases can all of our support plans open?

All of our support plans are able to report product bugs, submit feature requests, report mapbox data issues, and get assistance with accounts and pricing.

What information should I include in my support request?

In order to help our team provide the most prompt resolution for questions submitted through the Technical Support contact form, please include as much of the following information as possible. With the information you provide, we'll try to diagnose the issue and provide tips that help you produce the desired behavior.

APIs, Studio, and Map Data

  • Descriptions of expected & actual result
  • Versions of all applicable APIs, libraries, SDKs, browsers
  • Sample code that reproduces the issue (JSFiddle, JSBin)
  • Link to the API documentation, blog post, or tutorial you are referencing
  • Screenshots of errors in the console, what you have tried, or the problem you are encountering
  • Link to the OpenStreetMap changeset id or feature (if applicable)
  • Sample request URL (may include additional parameters after your access token, such as:{YOUR ACCESS TOKEN}

Mapbox Maps & Navigation SDKs

  • SDK version
  • Devices that the errors are occuring on
  • Error logs (for Android, line items from crash can be found by following this guide)
  • Percentage of users effected
  • Dates and times of when you started noticing the issue

Accounts, billing, and token restrictions

Please refer to the additional guides on how to submit tickets related to regaining access to an account (and ownership verification), troubleshooting access token restriction issues, and getting help with failed payments or past due invoices, which are available in the Accounts and pricing documentation.

What level of engagement should I expect from the support team based on my plan?

Developer support plan: our support engineers will direct you to various community resources, such as docs that will help you, and Stack Overflow, where we do prefer to answer questions that could benefit others running into the same issues as you (or where you may find the answer to a question similar to yours!).

Essential support plan: our support engineers will help to ensure you are properly using our APIs and SDKs, scoped to clearing up any error messages, although posting questions like this to Stack Overflow is still preferred as it may be a common issue that other developers also run into.

Business support plan: our support engineers will suggest alternative workflows and APIs/SDKs that may better suit your project needs to get the expected outcome, and will look over Mapbox related code to pinpoint opportunities to guide your team with best practices when implementing Mapbox tools.

Premium support plan: you'll have a dedicated Mapbox Support Engineer as your partner to bring your technical and business goals to fruition. Our Solution Architects are available to review how Mapbox is integrated into your stack, and help you design cutting-edge and optimized workflows.

When is the support team active?

Our standard business hours are Monday through Friday - 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time excluding major U.S. holidays. For our Business and Premium plans with access to our emergency support case escalation, we are available 24/7.

When should I expect a first response from the support team?

Our Developer support plan does not guarantee any first response times.

Starting with our Essential support plan, we provide initial response time SLAs, starting at 3 business days for P3 level issues.

With our Business support plan, we provide access to our P2 SLA of 1 business day, and the ability to report P1 level emergencies that we will reply to within 4 hours or less.

With our Premium support plan, our customers have access to P0 level emergency response times of 30 minutes or less.

Read about issue priority definitions in our legal docs.

Where am I able to submit a support request?

For the Developer and Essential support plans, you are able to open a support case through our Technical support contact form or our Accounts and Billing support contact form.

For the Business and Premium support plans, you are able to submit a support case either using the support form, or through email from an authorized email address associated with your plan.

For our Premium support plan, you will have access to a collaborative github repository where you can open issues to have more direct access to our engineering teams.

Which support plan is best for me?

Choose our Developer support plan if you are a self starter and able to get by on your own. You know the product, or are able quickly pick it up by following the technical documentation.

Choose our Essential support plan if you are seeking help from and want to interact with a product expert. Timelines and initial reply time SLAs are important for you and the project. You are familiar with code and need guidance on how to implement a Mapbox feature or report an unexpected issue.

Choose our Business support plan if you are looking for a technical "partner" for implementation best practices. Location Services are an important part of your application and therefore you'd benefit from help from the Support Engineering team. Your project may require a combination of Mapbox features and tools.

Choose our Premium support plan if you are looking for a strategic partner to drive your initiatives and translate them into technology, optimization, and revenue-generating best practices. Mapbox is a core part of the products your business offers. Support teams are considered an integral extension of your product.