Business Intelligence

Enhance data analysis and visualization with location intelligence.


Visualize data with geospatial context

Build engaging and intuitive map-based data visualizations.

Stand out with customizable maps

Wow data analysts with the best in class interactive map visualizations. Layer data onto Mapbox base maps, which offer a 3D Globe View and the most extensive customization in the industry to match any use case or brand.

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High-speed rendering for big data

Offer a lightning-fast map experience that scales seamlessly with billions of data points, routes, and boundaries. Mapbox leads the industry for map rendering performance on web and mobile.

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Transform and validate location data

Equip users to quickly clean and prepare geospatial datasets.

Convert between addresses and coordinates

Turn text address fields or place names into mappable point data, or vice versa. Use fast batch queries for high-volume data processing and assess result accuracy at scale. Store geocoding results indefinitely.

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Aggregate and add spatial metadata

Mapbox Boundaries provide political, statistical, state, county, city and postal code areas for every country. Aggregate data by multiple administrative boundaries. Query which areas contain a given point to add metadata like county or zipcode to your data.

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A live location platform

Mapbox maintains a reliable geospatial platform for your users. The Mapbox live location platform is continuously updated to ensure accuracy and detail, with over 100 thousand updates per day.

Enrich data analysis with location intelligence

Enhance analysis with Mapbox Movement and Mapbox Traffic data. Calculate spatial insights like travel time and accurate ETAs, using client-side Navigation APIs.

Increase engagement with enhanced location features

Stand out with user-friendly, high-performance spatial functions.

Help customers tap into location intelligence

Win new customers and expand use cases for existing customers with enhanced geospatial capabilities, powered by an industry-leading, full-featured location platform.

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Build flexibly across platforms

Offer end-to-end geospatial solutions natively on your platform with developer-friendly documentation. Provide consistent location features across web, mobile, and offline.

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Customer stories

Mapbox powers maps across Tableau products — Public, Online, Desktop, and Server. Users can access custom vector map styles and join data with Mapbox Boundaries. Tableau chose Mapbox to give all users accurate and high-performance maps that enable powerful analytics, easy customization, and fast data exploration.

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Microstrategy Geospatial Services, powered by Mapbox, lets analysts drill down into data at a granular level — anywhere in the world. Microstrategy users can also use Mapbox Geocoding to transform data between coordinates and addresses.

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Varicent uses Mapbox Maps, Search, and Boundaries for their customer-facing Sales Territory and Quota Modeling SaaS offering. Customers can build custom sales coverage areas for reporting and analytics.

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IBM Cognos integrates Mapbox to allows customers to conduct sophisticated geospatial analysis and generate insights using high-quality maps and a custom geospatial search engine built with Mapbox Boundaries. Partnering with Mapbox has provided IBM Cognos with access to industry-leading geospatial expertise.

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