Mapbox for EV

Delight EV drivers with an integrated navigation solution, from trip planning to paying for charging.


One EV platform

Build a complete experience from charger discovery, trip planning, navigation, and integrated payments.

All form factors

Use Mapbox APIs, SDKs, and apps with any EV model, infotainment system, or companion app.

Elevated user experience

Design a Mapbox AI-powered personalized experience connected to vehicle sensors, charging infrastructure, and live traffic

Seamless EV Navigation

Mapbox for EV is a navigation and mapping platform designed specifically for Electric Vehicles.

Optimize EV trip planning

Discover chargers and recommend stops and charging times. Mapbox algorithms account for charger availability, network preference, and battery charging curves for an optimized trip plan.

Predict range accurately

Provide drivers with accurate trip range and estimates of remaining battery on arrival. Mapbox accounts for live vehicle data, driver behavior, current and predicted traffic, and location context like elevation.

Integrate charging and payment

Eliminate the need for third-party charging apps by letting users reserve and pay for charging directly within the navigation system or companion app.

Personalize the user experience

Design a unique EV experience with dynamic alerts and custom branding to match any brand, vehicle, or driver profile.

Tailor charger discovery

Locate nearby charging stations and make suggestions based on live availability, charging network preferences, cost, trip type, nearby amenities and more.

Make proactive recommendations

Use always-on monitoring of driving behavior, battery status, charger availability, and traffic conditions to suggest new charging stops and make charging painless.

Customize every design element

Create a user experience that matches any vehicle with full control over map appearance, interactive elements, and service integrations.

Use data that is always fresh

Mapbox for EV uses continuously updated data for the road network, vehicle sensing, and charging stations.

Trust sensor-based verification

Never send drivers to broken or unused charging stations. Mapbox data is live updated with AI-powered corrections based on signals from millions of vehicles and user feedback.

Get data updates automatically

Mapbox integrates with CPOs, global data providers, and eMSPs to provider coverage of over 750K charging points in over 72 countries. Map and traffic data are updated daily using signals from over half a billion monthly active users.

Monitor live vehicle status

Understand a vehicle’s battery state, depletion curve, ambient temperature, current cabin consumption, and current location to provide a live visualization of range and amenities within range.

Mapbox Products for EV

Combine Mapbox products to tailor the EV navigation experience.

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