Mapbox simplifies every phase of running a delivery business

Design your distribution network

Find the best locations for your distribution locations to maximize serviceable customers, eliminate service gaps, and ensure delivery SLAs can be met.


Plan your distribution strategy based on where your potential customers are located

Increase sales by understanding how people, packages, and vehicles are moving through the world using our Movement data. Seamlessly integrate and leverage your proprietary data to create map-based market insights to identify the optimal location for both permanent and temporary physical asset build-outs.

Movement Data

Quickly understand your network's reach and identify gaps

Mapbox Isochrones API helps pinpoint the best place for site location including stores, distribution centers, dark stores, restaurants, and more. Reach the fastest SLA possible by understanding a demand signal and a time distance to deliver to that demand signal.

Isochrones API

Dispatch efficiently

Select the best vehicle for each task to maximize fleet utilization and minimize down time.

Find the best driver for every delivery

After an order is received, our Matrix API can optimize the matching of delivery resources with actual delivery locations at scale. This capability is primarily leveraged by on-demand delivery companies, who appreciate the ability to understand traffic pattern impact on resource matching challenges.

Matrix API

Batch deliveries efficiently and plan drop-offs in the ideal order

Our Optimization API is a multivariate optimization algorithm that identifies the right route, sequence, and boundary conditions (e.g. must have a refrigerated truck, specific delivery window) for any given set of deliveries.

Optimization API

Deliver on time

Give drivers the tools to make deliveries efficient, resulting in fewer unexpected delivery issues.

Turn-key navigation app built specifically for delivery drivers

Straightaway is a route planner and turn-by-turn navigation app to map your stops with a snap of a photo and optimize for the fastest route in seconds. It is a ready-to-use solution that combines the use of Mapbox SDKs and APIs and helps save hours of driving time.

Contact sales

Embed customized turn-by-turn navigation directly into your app

In-app navigation keeps your driver's attention on the road and your business, with full control over the turn-by-turn, arrival, and delivery experience. The Navigation SDK provides the ability to customize the navigation experience to match the application’s brand and target audience.

Discover Navigation SDK

Protect your vehicles, packages, and drivers

Safeguard your most valuable assets with real-time visibility, to ensure your fleet is running as safely and efficient as possible.

Gain visibility in your fleet's operations

Monitor performance with a live asset tracking solution. Obtain real-time ETAs for all movements and add geofencing so you don’t miss critical changes. Overlay traffic and weather data for smarter decision-making when unexpected changes occur.


Keep your drivers safe on the road

Our edge AI technology acts as a second set of eyes to track road and driver activity which includes near-misses, hard braking, collisions, and more. This information can be relayed to a fleet manager dashboard providing real-time visibility into how the fleet and drivers are performing.


Delight your customers

Exceed customer expectations by making checkout quick and easy, keeping customers informed about delivery status, and making deliveries as promised.

Faster, more accurate address entry means more sales and fewer misdelivered packages

Delivery delays harm a brand’s reputation and can increase customer churn. Pick up where the customer enters their address order with high-speed accuracy using autocomplete. Our leading search and address matching schemas ensure a seamless checkout experience and fewer failed deliveries caused by mistyped addresses.

Geocoding API

Keep your customers in the loop

Providing visibility into the delivery process is crucial for ensuring customer loyalty. Customers want complete knowledge of the location of their order and when it will reach their doorstep. Mapbox tools and technologies are used to track orders in real-time and to provide updates to customers seeking information on order status and arrival times. Today, companies like DPD use this capability to keep customers informed so that customers can plan their activities around timely reliable order deliveries.

Maps SDK Mapbox GL JS

Everything is backed by Mapbox Data

All Mapbox services are backed by Mapbox data, which combines data from multiple sources into a single source of truth.

Street vision
User feedback
Vendor data

Daily map updates

Maps SDK
Search SDK

Daily map updates

Data for Logistics

Inaccurate or incomplete data leads to inefficiencies that increase costs and missed delivery SLAs that reduce customer satisfaction.

Complete road network

One way roads

Turn restrictions

Incidents (construction, collisions, and public events)


Live-updating AI map

The full stack developer platform creates increasingly valuable feedback loop.

Great services allow developers to build sophisticated applications

More data drives a better platform

More applications drive more users. More users create more data

2.7+ m

Registered developers

600+ m

Monthly active users

2.1+ billion

Weekly miles of data


Map updates per day

Customer stories


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