How Mapbox Helps On-Demand Logistics Leaders Scale

How Mapbox Helps On-Demand Logistics Leaders Scale

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Mar 4, 2024

How Mapbox Helps On-Demand Logistics Leaders Scale

How Mapbox Helps On-Demand Logistics Leaders Scale


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Mar 4, 2024

In the dynamic world of on-demand logistics (ODL), efficiency and growth aren't just goals—they're imperatives. As the industry navigates the post-pandemic landscape, it faces some real challenges: rising operational costs, new regulations, a high turnover of drivers, and decreased consumer order volume but increasingly demanding expectations. The path forward? Empowering couriers with superior tools, reducing merchant fees by reducing the operational cost, and enhancing customer satisfaction through timely deliveries.

Mapbox directly addresses these challenges, tackling five critical areas: order ingestion, courier dispatch, delivery routing, vehicle/order tracking, and trip history analysis. Our advanced dispatch and order assignment solutions empower businesses to optimize their operations. By facilitating more effective order-to-driver assignments, Mapbox helps expand delivery volume while boosting customer satisfaction—key drivers for success in today's competitive ODL environment.

Real-Time Traffic Data Delivers Spot-On Arrival Times

Wolt: scale delivery excellence with Mapbox

Wolt is the leading European on-demand food and goods delivery service. Their global expansion requires a geospatial technology partner to not only support day-to-day operations like assigning drivers but, new market entry and planning for distribution and dispatch systems. In addition to using Mapbox for courier assignment and improving on-time delivery KPIs, Wolt uses the Mapbox Matrix API to calculate a massive number of Estimated Arrival Times to enable real-time network optimization that accounts for traffic conditions, meeting their delivery time SLAs. 

Thanks to the most accurate ETAs in the industry, Wolt is minimizing the amount of slack required at pickup, making their operations more efficient and reducing late delivery refunds — and they can scale their Matrix calculations across entire cities, for multiple countries, simultaneously and continuously. The Mapbox Matrix API and real-time traffic data from Mapbox increase the accuracy of Wolt’s estimated arrival and delivery times for drivers, vendors, and customers. Read: Wolt case study 

"A lot of APIs claim to be scalable, but the Mapbox system truly is. We bombard the Matrix API with massive request volumes, 24/7, across the globe. Throughout it all, the Mapbox system works really gracefully."
Joose Rajamaki, Data Scientist, Wolt

Instacart: deliver freshness faster

Grocery giant Instacart uses Mapbox geocoding and logistics services to enhance their app experience with real-time tracking, precise geocoding, and intelligent route optimization.

  • Precise location: Mapbox Geocoding API ensures accurate store and delivery addresses, minimizing errors and delivery delays.
  • Optimized routes: Mapbox Directions API plans efficient routes for shoppers, saving time and fuel.
  • Smart delivery grouping: Isochrone and Map Matching APIs help Instacart group deliveries together and find nearby shoppers, maximizing resource utilization.

Mapbox empowers Instacart to deliver fresh groceries faster and more efficiently, delighting customers and solidifying its position as a leading retail enablement platform. Read Instacart story

Custom Routes that Empower Safer, Faster Deliveries

Picnic is redefining grocery shopping in Europe with its innovative delivery-only supermarket model. Eschewing traditional brick-and-mortar locations, Picnic operates with a fleet of custom electric vehicles (EVs) and has cultivated a highly engaged customer base.

They are using Mapbox Navigation SDK for a purpose-built turn-by-turn navigation system that equips their fleet for efficient grocery delivery, even through narrow European streets and with a custom EV delivery van that has several routing restrictions. With Mapbox services, they are optimizing not only the delivery driver experience via their own driver app, but also delivery planning and dispatch across 4 shifts every day. Read Picnic story

With the Mapbox Logistic solutions, Picnic tailored their navigation and routing to the specific needs of their drivers and delivery vehicles, enhancing the efficiency and safety of their operations.

“Mapbox has equipped us to build our own navigation experience that is tailored to our drivers and vehicles. Our custom routing is already increasing the accuracy of our trip planning, improving safety, and helping our drivers to fill more orders - and all within a clean interface that fits perfectly into our driver app.”
Joris-Jan Kraak, Product Owner, Picnic

Fuel industry-wide growth with AI-powered mapping solutions

The Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) enhances travel for its 5 million members with the 'Onderweg' app, meaning ‘On The Go’. This essential travel companion, powered by the Mapbox solution, offers motorists smart features for seamless trip planning. From real-time traffic updates and fuel/EV charging station locators to roadside assistance and parking options, ANWB is redefining road travel.

With Mapbox, the Onderweg app provides not just turn-by-turn directions but also a ‘free drive’ mode for those familiar with their route yet still interested in receiving real-time alerts and contextual information like traffic conditions and road safety alerts. Behind the scenes, ANWB’s developers leverage the robust foundation of Mapbox solutions, integrating Maps, Search, and Navigation services to bring an unparalleled navigation experience to their members. Read ANWB story.

"Our partnership with Mapbox has transformed the Onderweg app into a full-featured navigation experience. Building with the Mapbox Navigation SDK lets us seamlessly integrate numerous Mapbox services, including the Directions API, Search, custom-designed maps, and safety features to ensure that our members have informed and enjoyable journeys, every time."
Erna Kuiper, Head of Customer Journey, ANWB

But ANWB doesn't stop there! They continuously innovate with Mapbox to empower users with industry-leading products and features, like MapGPT. This ensures millions of motorists stay informed, safe, and stress-free on every journey.

"We're excited to be among the first Mapbox partners building with MapGPT to add an AI voice assistant into the Onderweg app. This cutting-edge technology is incredible to be building with, and we look forward to the personalized and dynamic features it will enable in our app."
Erna Kuiper, Head of Customer Journey, ANWB

Ready to streamline operations, boost delivery speed, and delight your drivers and users? Mapbox Logistics solutions can help you achieve all this and more. Explore our on-demand logistics solutions or schedule a demo to see how Mapbox can transform your business.

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