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Flybuy by Radius Networks

Curbside Pickup and BOPIS

Flybuy is the leading enterprise platform to automate staff operations and enhance the guest experience for restaurants, retailers, and grocers. A core service of the platform includes Flybuy Pickup, which optimizes curbside, in-store, and delivery-driver pickup. Flybuy Pickup uses Mapbox to enable businesses to proactively monitor the customer’s or delivery-driver’s journey to perfectly time the order preparation and hand-off.

Graphic showing how Flybuy Pickup platform provides updates

“Brands depend on us to provide a reliable ETA for an incoming customer or delivery driver to facilitate an unforgettable handoff experience, and Mapbox’s accuracy is an integral part of our solution.”

Emily White, Director of Product, Flybuy

Flybuy Pickup has hundreds of thousands of daily users who want their order waiting for them immediately upon arrival at the curb or in-store. Customers who wait less than two minutes for an order are three times more likely to return! Brands like Five Guys, Petco, and Ahold Delhaize, rely on Flybuy to provide exceptional service for their off-premises customers.

On average, Flybuy helps stores achieve wait time reductions of 80% and order volume increases of 22%.

Flybuy Pickup is powered by Mapbox Directions API and gives employees an accurate ETA and sends an alerts when a customer is on the way, nearby, on property, and in the pickup area. Mapbox GL JS displays an interactive map on the Flybuy Dashboard that shows exactly where the customer is located along their journey to the store or restaurant.