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Built with the Mapbox Directions API and GL JS, Flybuy reduces wait times by 80% and increases order volume by 22%

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Precise ETA calculations powered by the Directions API 
  • Interactive map dashboards built with Mapbox GL JS
  • Flexible and scalable location services for automated staff operations

products used

Directions API

Mapbox GL JS

About Flybuy

Flybuy by Radius Networks is a customer experience platform that helps restaurants and retailers implement extensive, turnkey customer order coordination systems in over 50 countries. A core service of the platform is Flybuy Pickup which uses location technology to optimize curbside, in-store, and delivery-driver pickup for 20 million unique operations per month.

Precise ETAs are critical for the delivery experience

Flybuy Pickup needed an easy and effective tracking system to equip their clients with the ability to proactively monitor the arrival time of customers or delivery drivers, which required highly accurate estimated arrival times (ETAs). Visualizing and aggregating all that real-time tracking data in a user-friendly interface was also no small task. Mapbox provides both the ability to calculate a large volume of highly accurate ETAs for multiple journeys and solutions for visualizing that data on customizable map interfaces.

Perfect on-time order hand-off with the Mapbox Directions API 

To ensure accurate arrival time calculations, Flybuy Pickup uses the Mapbox Directions API. Flybuy receives regular location updates from customers’ or delivery drivers’ devices as they use the restaurant or retailer’s order management app. As a customer or delivery driver makes progress towards the pickup location, Flybuy Pickup regularly makes calls to the API to recalculate the ETA, a process that also factors in live traffic conditions provided by Mapbox data. The Flybuy Pickup system sends automated alerts to staff when a customer reaches various milestones when they’re on the way, if an ETA changes, and when they are arriving at the pickup location. The real-time ETA information enables staff to prepare orders accordingly and coordinate seamless hand-offs that feel ‘magically’ efficient for customers.

“Brands depend on us to provide a reliable ETA for an incoming customer or delivery driver to facilitate an unforgettable handoff experience, and Mapbox’s accuracy is an integral part of our solution.”

Emily White, Director of Product, Flybuy

Flybuy Staff Dashboard, with Mapbox GL JS, supports efficient operations

The Flybuy Dashboard uses an interactive map to visually display customers’ journeys to a store or restaurant. The dashboard enables employees to precisely track the customer's location along their route and make quick assessments for order management and overall analytics such as average pickup wait time. Every store or restaurant is clearly highlighted on the Mapbox base map, with clear property boundaries and pick-up zones to help trigger automated alerts when an order is ready for pickup.

The flexibility of the Mapbox platform allows Flybuy to extend the same versatility to clients, who can choose to use the default Flybuy staff dashboard or build a customized one to integrate the Flybuy Pickup functionality into existing systems.

The Flybuy Pickup interfaces

Mapbox solutions improve operational metrics and customer experience

After clients integrate Flybuy Pickup with location intelligence powered by Mapbox, they see customer satisfaction increase to an average of 4.87 of 5 stars. Businesses are better equipped to streamline their order pick-up and delivery processes, reduce wait times, increase order volumes, and ultimately deliver exceptional service to their customers.

Renowned brands such as Five Guys, Petco, and Ahold Delhaize rely on Flybuy to provide exceptional service for their customers. On average, Flybuy Pickup and Mapbox ETAs help stores achieve impressive wait time reductions of 80% and order volume increases of 22%, resulting in operational efficiency. 

The Flybuy team regularly receives positive feedback on the quality of ETA calculations in Flybuy Pickup, with clients acknowledging Flybuy as their most accurate ETA provider. The precise ETAs and easy-to-understand visualizations of real-time data powered by Mapbox help Flybuy customers reduce waste from expired orders by 40%. Confident in entrusting Mapbox with ETA calculations, live traffic awareness, and map visualizations, the Flybuy Pickup team is able to focus their time on further enhancements to their platform.

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