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Small scooters, big adventures

Voi is changing the way people move around cities, and challenging us to think differently about what we want our “new normal” mode of transportation to be.

In 2020, the world stopped moving for a while, and many of people who live in cities took the chance to reflect on our urban life. With other modes of transit becoming less attractive in the city, electric scooter sharing became an important option for urbanites.

Powered by Mapbox Maps SDK, Voi helps users find nearby Voi scooters so they can enjoy an open air ride through their city and get to their destination quickly, and safely.

"When considering a location partner, we’re not just looking for a particular feature or functionality. We’re looking for a platform that provides our engineers with all the necessary building blocks to take control over our user experience, Mapbox gives us the flexible tools to do just that."

-- David Almström, VP of Products, VOI