Real Estate

Build custom maps to visualize property listings, rentals, and market data.


Enable informed decisions with rich location context

From listing information to natural disaster risk to popular area heatmaps, empower your users with all the context they need in one place.

Bring in your custom data

Add your proprietary data, school district boundaries, natural disaster risks, weather, heat maps and much more. Upload large amounts of your own custom data at scale to be reflected in near real-time on your maps.

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Help users discover what is nearby and how to get there

Use the Isochrone API to help users discover what’s nearby within specific walking, driving, and cycling ranges. Then add Directions routing onto the map to show not just the homes available, but their relative distance to places nearby.

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Show dense data without sacrificing user experience

Visualize massive datasets of listings organized by different boundaries and zoom levels. Our best-in-class renderers can handle even the most detailed, feature-dense maps with ease. Maps load fast, transition smoothly, and leave more CPU resources available.

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Get started quickly with maps optimized for real estate

Use our ready-made maps with global coverage to quickly build your map across all your platforms.


Start with Mapbox Standard

The Mapbox Standard basemap provides an elegant, out-of-the-box 3D mapping experience with landmark buildings and dynamic lighting. Use our powerful map design tool, Mapbox Studio, to bring your custom data and configure the basemap to match your business needs and design vision.

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Support for all browsers, devices, and locations

Ensure a unified map experience with maps that are designed to work seamlessly across browsers, devices, and platforms. Our basemap data comes from 2,500+ sources creating the most accurate dataset possible and comprising 375M+ point addresses covering 64 countries and 39 languages.

Flexible, competitive pricing that scales with your traffic

Maps are billed by session for web and by user for mobile, with unlimited tiles. For example, a property listing map on the web with 1 million monthly loads typically costs ~$3k a month (vs. Google which costs $4.8k).

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Customer stories

Open Listings switched to Mapbox for a better interactive experience on web and mobile. Potential homebuyers can search for locations near them powered by the Mapbox Geocoding API, and Open Listings sorts them with custom icons and clustering to keep the map view clean and easy to use.

HomeApp, a Russian real estate firm, needed to display thousands of homes, neatly organized by different geographic boundaries and zoom levels while still performing on mobile. They chose Mapbox for performant custom maps with routing on top to show not just the homes available, but their relative distance to places nearby.

HouseCanary, a platform for real estate investors, lenders, appraisers, and realtors, uses Mapbox to provide mobile, web, and API products. With Mapbox, real estate professionals are able to visualize massive datasets of residential real estate to pinpoint and forecast home values and market trends with accuracy.


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