Search and geocoding is tied to everything we build — maps, navigation, AR — and underlies every app that helps humans explore their world.

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West End
Washington, DC 20036
Dupont Circle
Washington, DC 20036
Foggy Bottom
Washington, DC 20036
2107 Massachusetts Ave
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2010 Massachusetts Ave
Washington, DC 20036
New Hampshire Ave
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Washington, DC 20036
Melrose Georgetown Hotel
Washington, DC 20036
Trader Joe's
Washington, DC 20036
Product update

115 Million Improved Addresses and Support for 7 New Countries in Europe

Newly refreshed address data added or improved 115 million addresses across the United States and Europe, and introduced support for Czech Republic, Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Kosovo, and Lithuania.

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Powering the world's largest companies

The Mapbox Search API receives billions of requests per week and supports the scale of global companies such as The Weather Company, Adobe, Zenly, Instacart, Strava, Rivian.

160 data sources and translations for 39 languages

Mapbox integrates over 160 data sources to provide precise address, place, and point of interest coverage all over the world and in 39 languages.

Reliable results with 99.9% uptime

Mapbox’s Search API is fast, stable, and highly available for your apps. We offer 99.9% uptime and custom rate-limits up to millions of requests per second.

Search Products

A comprehensive suite of products to unlock location search for your applications.

Great data makes great search

Comprehensive and continually-updated coverage of addresses, places, and POIs in North America, Europe, and other geographies.


Comprehensive address coverage in North America, Europe, and other geographies regularly refreshed. Continuous data updates keep pace with new developments and construction. 30m addresses added in the last year alone! Feedback corrections from customers are continuously incorporated.


Greater than 70% rooftop accuracy is available in key metro areas. An accuracy property is provided on all API responses to indicate rooftop, parcel, interpolated, and other levels of precision. High quality "interpolated" address coverage is provided to predict where an address should be even if it's brand new. Read more about accuracy in our API documentation.

Logistics and routing

"Routable" address points are optimized for logistics to ensure passenger pick-ups/drop-offs and delivery stops get the driver to the correct location, saving critical time. Routable points, combined with "delivery maps" where address numbers and satellite imagery are visible on the visual map can help save drivers an entire day per week in lost time.


Geotag a selfie in the historic village of Kettlewell. Alert Brooklynites of an upcoming thundering downpour. Promote a new restaurant to hungry tourists in Malasaña. Mapbox Places are a worldwide collection of cities, towns, neighborhoods, and more.

Points of Interest

170 Million+ regularly updated POIs optimized to deliver a seamless navigation experience. Available through an easy-to-implement API for delivering interactive search experiences.


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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Which Mapbox Search Product is for me?

Suppose you want to build an experience around addresses. In that case, e.g., searching for an address, finding coordinates for an address, or finding the address for coordinates, our Geocoding API is for you. If your use case requires searching for POIs such as restaurants and gas stations - in addition to addresses - Search Box API will be the best fit for you. Also, Search Box API is designed to enable interactive search experiences that allow typeahead suggestions for your users. 

If you are looking for a solution to simplify address entry in your forms, then check out Address AutoFill.

Getting started with Search

How does place search work?

The Geocoding API performs two main tasks: forward search and reverse geocoding. Forward search converts text into geographic coordinates, for example, turning 2 Lincoln Memorial Circle NW into -77.050,38.889. Reverse geocoding converts geographic coordinates into a text description, for example, turning -77.050,38.889 into 2 Lincoln Memorial Circle NW.

How do I use the API?

You can access the Geocoding API directly through Mapbox Studio, using one of several wrapper libraries, or call the API directly using your preferred HTTP client. If you would like to make calls directly, check out our full API documentation.

Can I test the API?

If you would like to get a feel for how the Geocoding API works without building a whole application, we also provide an API Playground. In addition to providing a convenient user interface to test queries, the API playground allows you to test the API’s URL and query parameters, such as type filters and proximity. If you need to test do bulk testing, contact us.

Search data

What is the source data?

Mapbox Search contains data from open data projects, governments, and private companies, like Foursquare. Results may not match Mapbox Streets or OpenStreetMap data.

What are the data types?
Data type Description

Generally recognized countries or, in some cases like Hong Kong, an area of quasi-national administrative status that has been given a designated country code under ISO 3166-1.


Top-level sub-national administrative features, such as states in the United States or provinces in Canada or China.


Postal codes used in country-specific national addressing systems.


Features that are smaller than top-level administrative features but typically larger than cities, in countries that use such an additional layer in postal addressing (for example, prefectures in China).


Typically these are cities, villages, municipalities, etc. They’re usually features used in postal addressing, and are suitable for display in ambient end-user applications where current-location context is needed (for example, in weather displays).


Official sub-city features present in countries where such an additional administrative layer is used in postal addressing, or where such features are commonly referred to in local parlance. Examples include city districts in Brazil and Chile and arrondissements in France.


Colloquial sub-city features often referred to in local parlance. Unlike locality features, these typically lack official status and may lack universally agreed-upon boundaries.


Individual residential or business addresses.


Points of interest. These include restaurants, stores, concert venues, parks, museums, etc.

What languages do you support?

The API accepts a language query parameter, which allows you to specify the language in which you would like to search. One or more languages can be specified using ISO 639-1 codes. Multilingual geocoding coverage varies and you can expect more consistent results for areas where the specified language is most widely used. We currently support 39 languages, detailed here.

Can I upload my own data to the Geocoding API?

No, you cannot upload your own data so it can be queried from the Geocoding API.

What's the difference between mapbox.places and mapbox.places-permanent?

The mapbox-places endpoint is accessible to all geocoding customers. Requests to this endpoint must be triggered by user activity. Any results cannot be stored permanently, as described in Mapbox’s terms of service. The mapbox.places-permanent endpoint allows you to store results and perform batch geocoding. This endpoint does not include point-of-interest features, and the data available for other feature types may vary slightly compared to the data available in the ephemeral endpoint.


Can I customize my query to tune results?

There are a number of optional parameters you can use to customize your queries in order to return the most relevant results. These parameters can be specified using URL query parameters or as options when building your application with one of our client side libraries or plugins. The parameters allow you to filter results by geographic feature type and limit or bias results to a specified area. For example, if you want to limit your search results to addresses in the Washington DC Metro area, you could set the type parameter to address and the bbox parameter to -77.08,38.90,-76.99,38.95. With those parameters set, your query for Constitution Ave will only return street addresses in the DC Metro area, and will not include features you’re not interested in, such as Constitution Ave, El Paso, Texas 79908, United States. Check out the Geocoding API documentation for more information on available features.

Can I store the results?

Yes. The mapbox.places-permanent endpoint allows for permanent storage of results and for batch geocoding. This endpoint does not include point-of-interest features, and the data available for other feature types may vary slightly compared to the data available in the ephemeral endpoint. Contact us for pricing.


How much does it cost?

Go to the pricing page to learn about pricing for temporary geocoding, and contact us about pricing for the permanent endpoint.

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