Navigation SDK for automotive

Navigation SDK for mobile

The complete solution for adding premium quality maps, routing, and directions into mobile applications.

Build custom, fast

With smart defaults designed for mobile, integrate custom in-app navigation features in minutes.

Rely on quality

Industry-leading location services from Mapbox provide accurate arrival times and detailed navigation assistance.

Keep complete app data

Avoid gaps in user interaction data by providing navigation features in-app instead of linking out to other navigation apps.

UX for mobile

From custom map styling to UI components, the Mapbox Navigation SDK is ideal for mobile design.

Build a custom experience

The Mapbox Navigation SDK includes ready-to-use UI components that can be optimized for any mobile display. Assemble UI components on top of the map to create a unique navigation experience.

Enhance wayfinding with 3D

Improve the navigation experience with recognizable 3D buildings, landmarks, and terrain. Highlight precise destinations upon arrival, such as building entrances, to help users complete their trips faster.

Customizable map design

Use the expertly crafted Mapbox Standard map style or create custom map styles to match any branding or design requirements. Add custom data to visualize parking spots, highlight delivery hazards, or promote nearby points of interest.

Allow for exploring

Give users the option to navigate without a set destination in ‘free drive’ mode, while keeping a reference map continually centered on their current location. Proactively provide drivers with relevant information about nearby places and roads including traffic, incidents, and points of interest.

Flexible add-ons from across Mapbox

The Mapbox Navigation SDK provides the foundation to access a suite of compatible location technology solutions.

Premium location search data

Make it easy for users to select their destinations and search for stops along the way with Mapbox Search solutions, including addresses, place names, and points of interest categories like restaurants or landmarks.

AI voice assistance

Add a customizable, location-aware assistant to any navigation experience with MapGPT. Improve hands-free app interaction with MapGPT’s natural and adaptive conversation style.

Logistics APIs

Combine the in-app navigation experience with features designed for fleet logistics, such as time window constraints, multi-stop dynamic ETAs, and pickup and drop-off constraints.

Detailed Boundaries data

Enhance basemaps and logistics with administrative, postal, or statistical boundaries data. Visualize boundaries and support geofencing or customized UI features.

Additional SDK features

Offline guidance

With predictive ambient caching, keep users on course even in areas of weak connectivity or low GPS signals.

Alerts and voice instructions

Enable auditory cues, text, or icon alerts for upcoming maneuvers or points of interest along a route.

Instant feedback

Drivers can submit feedback about road situations with two taps.

Fast map rendering

The Navigation SDKs include the Maps SDKs for high-performance map visuals.

Optimized camera views

Use the best angle and zoom level for upcoming maneuvers and UI overlays.

Per trip or per user pricing

Choose pricing based on unlimited trips or metered trips.

Customer stories

With the Mapbox Navigation SDK, ANWB redesigned their Onderweg driver app for iOS and Android to offer hyper-local trip planning tailored to their brand, users, and region, including live travel conditions and safety alerts.

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When the SUBAROAD team set out to create a personalized navigation companion app for Subaru owners, Mapbox was the only solution to combine embedded turn-by-turn navigation with synchronized audio guides and music based on live position.

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An all-in-one platform for road trips, Roadtrippers helps travelers plan their routes and then follow them with turn-by-turn directions in their custom mobile app, complete with tailored features like route notifications for RV drivers.

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With a fleet of unique electric delivery trucks, Picnic needed a way to customize their in-app routing and turn-by-turn directions for delivery drivers. With the Mapbox Navigation SDK, Picnic has made deliveries safer and more efficient for both drivers and customers.

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