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Subaru built Subaroad with Mapbox in order to create unique location-based content in a roadtrip companion app

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Mapbox Map SDK mapping and custom routing are available even without cell phone service
  • Mapbox map rendering provides an enhanced visual experience and 3D modeling
  • In-app features synchronize with app users’ live position

products used

Base Maps

Navigation SDK

SUBAROAD, a personalized navigation app, equips Subaru owners with a new way to discover everything that the road has to offer. Whether it be down by the coast or up in the mountains, drivers can choose from unique, scenic routes and wind through natural landscapes with peace of mind knowing that Subaru has them covered.

Official SUBAROAD App built using Mapbox

With the SUBAROAD app, drivers are given a variety of scenic driving routes to choose from that are not typically available in conventional navigation systems. The app seamlessly navigates drivers along their chosen routes and lets them easily customize their driving adventure by adding stops and sights to see along the way.

SUBAROAD navigation screens in the app
SUBAROAD app navigation features

To take the navigation experience to the next level, the SUBAROAD team leveraged Mapbox Navigation SDKs, where the customization of map and navigation features has allowed them to synchronize tourist information, historical stories, and music based on the driver’s current location. 

The ability to feed real-time information and audio given a car’s surroundings requires features that other navigation platforms do not currently offer. By combining the latest Mapbox technology with data, SUBAROAD gives Subaru owners the chance to take their vehicles off the beaten track and find fun in the driving journey.

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