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Mapbox 3D capabilities and smooth rendering make MapsIndoors the leading platform for indoor mapping.

About MapsPeople

MapsPeople delivers dynamic, scalable mapping solutions at maximum value for customers across industries, from sporting events and convention centers, to commercial real estate and corporate offices.

MapsPeople’s MapsIndoors platform is an indoor mapping solution that integrates seamlessly into any existing application thanks to flexible software development kits, APIs for custom data, and a content management system for easy no-code updates. MapsIndoors blends indoor and outdoor mapping use cases, providing sophisticated maps, wayfinding, and interactive location data for custom applications.

Leading the industry in 3D indoor maps

MapsPeople customers and partners cover a wide range of business use cases and industry verticals. A common theme across all applications is the growing demand for 3D-enabled indoor mapping. The challenge MapsPeople faced was how to represent, and render, a large number and variety of 3D models on interactive maps —from individual desks, to office rooms, to entire buildings— without reducing map performance. And how to ensure that their 3D mapping solution can scale with the needs of MapsPeople customers and keep pace with the latest in 3D mapping technology.

"We expect 3D maps to become an industry standard. Building with Mapbox will position us to scale with many new customers and unlock an entirely new range of end-user experiences."

Christian Christensen, Head of Product Management, MapsPeople

Mapbox provides high-fidelity maps and advanced 3D capabilities 

The advanced 3D capabilities of the Mapbox Maps SDK provided the breakthrough that MapsPeople needed. With Mapbox, MapsIndoors users can create an unprecedented level of detail in 3D, from landscape level terrain and 3D buildings down to 3D objects such as desks and meeting rooms in offices, or food outlets and merchandise stores inside stadiums. The Mapbox vector rendering engine ensures that both the underlying base map and 3D models load smoothly and seamlessly in a polished, high-fidelity map experience.

The enhanced visual detail of 3D maps built with Mapbox improves the navigation experience within MapsIndoors by providing easily recognisable points of reference. Furthermore, the Mapbox Directions API and Mapbox Matrix API are aligned with wayfinding features of the MapsIndoors platform, supporting streamlined development by reducing the number of external services required when navigating people from outside to inside.

"Our customers and partners have asked us to take indoor 3D mapping beyond the well-known 3D extrusions. The real 3D models and vector graphics of Mapbox transform the indoor map as a high-performing branding piece that leverages attention-grabbing and engaging design to elevate both our clients’ brand positioning and user experience."

Morten Brøgger, CEO, MapsPeople

Collaboration creates a groundbreaking indoor mapping solution

When combined, the Mapbox and MapsIndoors platforms enhance each others’ strengths and create a groundbreaking solution for 3D indoor mapping.

A MapsIndoors solution built on Mapbox consists of six layers. The foundation layer is the global Mapbox platform, with Mapbox Maps serving as the global basemap, Mapbox Search providing address search, and the architecture for the application built with Mapbox GL JS for web or the Mapbox Maps SDK for mobile.

The second layer is the client’s 3D floor plans, built with MapsIndoors. Once the floor plans are in place, MapsPeople creates an Indoor Route Network and adds the Mapbox Directions API to ensure accurate wayfinding. Layer four consists of custom points of interest, such as meeting rooms, cafés, bathrooms, and exits. The fifth layer contains 3D objects, such as tables and chairs, supported by Mapbox advanced 3D map rendering which optimizes rendering of multiple 3D objects in batches and ensures proper interaction between objects and other features rendered in Mapbox layers. Lastly, MapsPeople adds dynamic integrations in the sixth and final layer for features such as live availability, booking, IoT sensors, asset tracking, and more.

‘Wow factor’ drives increased engagement and value for MapsIndoors customers

Close collaboration with Mapbox has accelerated MapsPeople’s leadership and competitiveness in the indoor mapping market. Already the debut of the new 3D mapping capabilities of MapsIndoors has exceeded expectations of customers and Mapbox recommends it as a preferred indoor mapping solution. Early adopters are keen to be the first to implement 3D maps on the enhanced platform and differentiate themselves with premium map experiences to impress end users.

"The 3D maps by MapsIndoors are a game changer for indoor mapping. With Mapbox, we can empower all our partners and customers to step up their mapping game and expect more from their maps - more wow factor drives more engagement which then results in more value."

Morten Brøgger, CEO, MapsPeople

MapsPeople continues to innovate with the latest mapping solutions, inspiring creative applications of location data, map visualizations, and wayfinding. With 3D maps built on the scalable Mapbox platform, MapsIndoors customers and partners can bring the best of location technology from the outdoors, indoors.

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