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Focus on your care, not your admin

Delivering quality care has never been easy, but that doesn’t mean that the administrative side needs to be difficult. CarePlanner has built a market-leading SaaS solution that enables agencies to plan, manage and optimize the support they provide to their clients. Users can forget about the hassle of typical social care processes, like scheduling calls, invoicing, and planning care visits. The company's platform gives care agencies the power to schedule their staff, to meet the needs of their service users and produce invoices and payroll at the click of a button.

CarePlanner uses Mapbox Navigation Services to support the route planning and optimization of the Carers’ days, to ensure they’re efficiently meeting the needs of their service users. With precise timetables comes more time with the patient, and less time managing the complexity of visits and routing, ultimately improving care quality and delivery.

"With a rapidly expanding customer-base and increasing client expectations, we needed an accurate and affordable mapping solution that could help our clients plan routes, geolocate addresses and pull in travel and mileage data. MapBox's suite of APIs and tools enable us to do this and more. We're now putting their tools at the heart of our plans for expanding our offering of location-based services to our customers."

- Mark Anslow, Operations Director, CarePlanner