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Interactive visualizations built with Mapbox GL JS and Mapbox Mobile Maps SDK help EcoMatcher to engage customers with global tree planting efforts

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Easy integration with custom applications on web and mobile
  • Precise and appealing interactive maps appeal to customers
  • Comprehensive documentation and Support plans for rapid implementation

products used

Mapbox GL JS

Mobile Maps SDK

About EcoMatcher

EcoMatcher helps brands respond to the client crisis - one tree at a time. Through an engaging, interactive platform, companies of all sizes can invest in planting trees, confident they are partnering with a rigorous and reliable climate partner. Companies can use their trees for loyalty and reward programs, corporate gifting, employee engagement, or a direct and transparent option for managing their carbon offset programs.

One distinctive feature of EcoMatcher is the full transparency and traceability of every tree. By partnering with vetted tree planting foundations around the world and working closely with them to collect and maintain high-precision tree-level data, EcoMatcher can connect every client with a specific tree. Trees can be tracked on the web, EcoMatcher’s iOS and Android app, and the EcoMatcher App for Microsoft Teams. 

Users can view every detail about their tree and the wider forest surrounding it, from a precise geolocation, to the date of planting, tree species, the CO2 sequestration potential of the tree, and the tree farmer. It is even possible to listen to forest sounds reflective of the setting of the tree, to ‘chat’ with one’s chatbot-powered tree, and send a thank you message to the farmer.

Messages sent by tree owners to their planters

Map-based transparency

Tree planting and tree-based carbon offset programs have been the subject of serious criticism due to a lack of transparency and rigor in certain programs. EcoMatcher knew that from the start, they would need to be as transparent and precise in telling the story of every single tree planting through contributions to their platform.  As well, EcoMatcher wanted the experience of sponsoring a tree not to be short-lived, instead, they wanted to create an engaging platform that would encourage tree sponsors to return, year after year, to check on their tree and so learn about forest management and stay engaged with sustainability initiatives. 

EcoMatcher knew that location data would be one of their key differentiators. By investing in highly accurate location mapping for every tree planted, and building an inviting platform to explore that data, they could stand out as a uniquely immersive experience and tree-planting partner. That meant EcoMatcher needed a mapping platform that could handle large amounts of precise, custom data and render it into beautiful interactive maps.

The EcoMatcher App for iOS/Android

A cross-platform forest visualization solution with Mapbox

The performance capabilities and flexible interactive features of building with Mapbox provided the solution that EcoMatcher needed. Leveraging Mapbox GL JS for web map rendering and the Mapbox Mobile Maps SDK for the iOS and Android versions of TreeTracker and ForestTracker, EcoMatcher presents a stable, easy to use, and accurate map experience. 

EcoMatcher decided to start every map experience at the global level, with a Mapbox globe view displaying the beautiful Mapbox Satellite style, to remind visitors of the global mission and impact of tree planting, to restore habitat and tackle the climate crisis in a sustainable manner. When selecting a tree or forest to view closer, the map dynamically zooms in, ‘flying’ the user to the precise location of their tree.


EcoMatcher is continuing to build new features and enhance the immersive map experience of TreeTracker and ForestTracker. To help speed up development, EcoMatcher invested in a Mapbox Support plan to enable close collaboration with the Mapbox team, rapid problem-solving, and creative design of map improvements.

ForestTracker interface built with Mapbox GL JS

Interactive features help to keep users connected with their positive impact.

EcoMatcher’s comprehensive and highly engaging digital platform attracts companies that want to integrate tree planting into their businesses on a large-scale. The ‘wow’ factor of the map experiences built with Mapbox opens the door to further engagement and excitement.

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