Data Products

Comprehensive, high-value mapping and location datasets to add to any map, platform, or intelligence solution. Our data is powered by a distributed global user base of more than half a billion monthly active users.  

Mapbox Boundaries

Mapbox Boundaries consists of 4 million global boundaries so you can analyze your data and gain new insights. Boundaries has multiple data layers -- administrative, legislative, locality, postal, statistical -- that come cartographically-matched, georeferenced, and processed as Mapbox vector tiles. Our curated data covers everything from Chinese prefectures to French arrondissements to Japanese postal codes. Polygons are fully detailed and edge-matched at all zoom levels, and maintained with regular data updates, for the most accurate data on the market.

Mapbox Boundaries enables comprehensive geospatial analysis such as customized sales territory planning, supply chain optimization and risk management, real estate portfolio management, or any type of business intelligence analysis among many other use cases.

Mapbox Traffic Data

Access Mapbox Traffic Data to add to any map — HERE, TomTom or OpenStreetMap. Build your custom routing engine, automotive platform or traffic analysis solution with industry-leading accuracy for live and typical traffic, drawn from a globally distributed user base of more than 700M Monthly Active Users, continually benchmarked and validated for accuracy.

Use Mapbox Traffic Data to power accurate ETAs and efficient dispatch for logistics and delivery fleets. Leverage this comprehensive data feed to understand historical and real-time vehicle speeds for road analysis and geo-spatial insights.

Mapbox Movement

Mapbox Movement is the most comprehensive privacy-forward dataset of population movement available. Leverage a global data set derived from 20B+ location updates daily to understand aggregate activity, density, and movement over time at the city, regional, or country scale.

This continually-updated data set can be used for COVID Response, retail expansion and site selection, advertising, transportation planning, demand modeling, and impact analysis.  

“The wave of adoption of Mapbox tools has been unprecedented, and has given Mapbox a unique capability for massive, decentralized data collection. By making Mapbox Data data commercially available, we expect Mapbox to power important use cases such as on-demand delivery and massive route planning, where their 300 million miles of daily data gives them an important competitive advantage."

Brent Iadarola, VP, Mobile & Wireless Communications Frost & Sullivan

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