Environmental and social responsibility at the core of Mapbox

Customers leverage our intelligent location tools to drive positive impact at scale.

“Companies and consumers across all industries use Mapbox to navigate, move, and make decisions. Our social and environmental responsibility extends beyond our immediate operational footprint. We are committed to leveraging the unique potential of our products, and the customers who build with them, to drive outsized positive impact for society.”

Peter Sirota, CEO, Mapbox


138 million tons CO2e

Target for avoided vehicle emissions by 2030 by improving electric vehicle adoption.

20% fewer emissions

Target for improved delivery fleet efficiency through optimized routing, delivery accuracy, and electrification.

3.5 billion acres of land

Protected areas and public lands mapped, navigated, and managed using Mapbox.

7 years carbon neutral 

Operational carbon footprint for Mapbox offices and products tracked and offset since 2016.

Decarbonizing Transportation

With customers like Rivian, GM, BMW, and Bosch eBikes, Mapbox is setting the new standard in electric vehicle navigation and increasing EV adoption. We estimate this will prevent 138 million tons of CO2e emissions from vehicles by 2030, equivalent to the annual emissions of 35 coal-fired power


Estimate based on the target that Mapbox products will accelerate driver adoption of electric vehicles such that by 2030, 50% of the vehicles forecasted to use Mapbox navigation will be electric (with 70% less emissions compared to internal combustion vehicles). In addition, we target that the remaining 50% of vehicles forecasted to use Mapbox navigation by 2030, while still being internal combustion vehicles, will reduce emissions by 10% compared to the average internal combustion vehicle due to more efficient routing. (Source: US EPA). Power plant equivalency calculated based on 2018 average annual emissions for coal-fired power plants in the US. (Source: US EPA)

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Efficient Fleets

Our Logistics products improve dispatch and delivery rates for fleets from Instacart to DPD. Optimized routing, closer monitoring, and fewer missed deliveries, combined with expanded electrification of delivery vehicles, will reduce delivery emissions by an estimated 106 million tons of CO2e by 


Estimate based on the target that Mapbox logistics and fleet management tools reduce road freight emissions per parcel by 20%, compared to the calculated average road freight emissions per parcel in 2020 (Sources: Statista, Statista, Pitney Bowes). This efficiency gain was then multiplied by the forecasted number of parcels that will be delivered by vehicles using Mapbox tools in 2025.

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Measurable Impact

Not every mile has the same carbon footprint. Mapbox customers like Flexport can measure and track emissions with the precision and nuance of a tailored navigation platform, helping them more accurately measure and improve on emissions targets.

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Informed Stewardship

Our tools help users of land management and outdoors apps like AllTrails, Native Land, the National Park Service, and OnX to enjoy, respect, and protect the places they love. Our maps touch over 3.5 billion acres of protected areas and public


Estimate based on internal usage data by customers in sectors related to land management, recreation, and conservation. Usage data then queried against the areas of land designated as protected lands (globally) and public lands (US).

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Environmental Protection

From the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Center to rangers in Tanzania, and from The Ocean Cleanup to middle school students, we equip environmental champions with the best location tools for the job.

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Carbon Neutral

We measure and offset our operational greenhouse gas emissions footprint annually by invested in partners driving nature-based solutions, climate policy, and emissions capture technologies like CarbonCure.

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“One of the cool things about [the Rivian] nav system is how it displays charging if you are on a trip. …[it] will show where you need to charge along the way and for how long.”

Doug DeMuro, YouTube Influencer and Automotive Reviewer

“To estimate carbon emissions as accurately as possible for trucking shipments, we rely on Mapbox APIs to calculate the distance traveled [between] the origin and destination addresses.”

Kathleen Hegyesi, Flexport.org

“Maps are for more than navigation, they help our athletes learn about the places they visit and how they can be good stewards of the public lands they recreate on.”

Will Meyer, Senior Product Manager, Strava

“Maps are often the first step a hiker takes on their journey towards becoming a steward for public lands. It has been great working with Mapbox because the team shares our goals and values.”

Loren Drummond, Washington Trails Association

Mapbox in action


43+ billion

Map views donated to non-profit and public benefit projects since 2019.


Reduction in fleet safety incidents after adopting tracking of unsafe driving.


Partnerships to support non-profit and public good organizations since 2017.


Of the Sustainable Development Goals advanced through impact partnerships.

Road Safety

Our navigation tools keep people safer on the road, with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), smart alerts, hazard detection, and driver monitoring. Fleet managers can reduce safety incidents by up to 90% by implementing a tracking solution to detect unsafe


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Disaster Logistics

We help teams like UN OCHA, NOAA, and World Central Kitchen respond to emergencies. From preparing print maps for offline first responders, to processing the latest post-disaster imagery, to routing supplies, our Crisis Response Corps is on standby.

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Public Health

Governments and healthcare providers use Mapbox to site facilities, coordinate distribution of supplies, and improve access to information, like the vaccines.gov portal that helped individuals across the United States to find the nearest available COVID-19 vaccinations.

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Nonprofit Partnerships

Since 2017 we have supported over 850 nonprofit impact organizations, spanning all 17 global SDGs and beyond, through our dedicated Community team, which coordinates pro bono skilled volunteering, mentorship, and account support.

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Education & Workforce Development

Our education and developer resources, tutorials, and workshops equip diverse learners and entrepreneurs to build with location tools, from the annual Indigenous Mapping Workshop to college guest lectures to developer bootcamps.

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Giving Back

Every year we contribute over $1.5 million in product donations and pro bono services to our nonprofit and public benefit partners. We also match employee donations up to $1,000 per person per year.

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"Using Mapbox, we're able to update the entire world's air pollution data in real-time so that our users can avoid pollution hotspots while they walk, run, or cycle through their city."

Boris Quennehen, Atmospheric Scientist, Plume Labs

"It has been fantastic working with Mapbox... [they’ve] helped our team acquire fundamental GIS skills and equip us to independently use their powerful, yet intuitive, tools."

Matthew Rabagliati, UK National Commission for UNESCO

“We had the incredible challenge of providing reliable and timely information on [COVID-19] vaccines... With Mapbox, we were able to get the site rebuilt and launched within 4 weeks.”

John Brownstein, Chief Innovation Officer, Boston Children’s Hospital

Customers building positive change

No items found.


3.9 million

Developers building with Mapbox navigation and mapping tools

700+ million

People using Mapbox to navigate and understand the world around them.


Highly-skilled and compassionate colleagues around the world.


Response rate in our latest twice yearly company-wide Engagement Survey


We conduct our business in a manner that promotes good corporate, social, and environmental practices. Our internal policies actualize and uphold our company values.

Human Rights

Our Services Terms protect human rights and civil liberties, supported by an internal Compliance Committee, employee training, and confidential reporting mechanism.


We build our platform to be inclusive for people everywhere, including accessibility features, usage-based pricing, offline options, supported languages, and global data coverage.

Security & Privacy

Mapbox is critical infrastructure for our customers. We go to great lengths to protect the security of all accounts and prioritize privacy across our platform.

Our People

We support a highly skilled and connected team, with over 700 colleagues across the world. We keep ourselves accountable with twice yearly engagement surveys and 360-degree performance reviews.

Diversity, Inclusion & Well-being

Internal Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion initiatives foster connection and community across our team. Our health and wellness benefits are some of the best in the industry, including support for remote work.

“Mapbox demonstrates the importance of how location and mapping services help achieve social and environmental impact at scale. Whether it’s decarbonizing transportation, supporting public health and social equity, or giving environmental champions the tools they need, Mapbox’s technologies help make the world better. Geolocation innovation is a critical dimension of creating double bottom line progress.”

Ira Ehrenpreis, Founder and Managing Partner, DBL Partners

“At Mapbox, our goal is to create communities where everyone feels engaged and empowered to bring their most authentic selves to work. We are encouraged by the progress we made but are not satisfied as we continue on this path to a more inclusive culture.”

Sheena Koshy, Diversity Equity & Inclusion Lead, Mapbox

“Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, we bet on people even more than strategy.”

Melissa Nixon, VP of People, Mapbox

“Our values help us align to the business strategy and set the expectations for how we work together.”

Peter Sirota, CEO, Mapbox

Frequently asked questions

If you are completing an ESG assessment of Mapbox, please find some answers to many questions below. You can also contact our Community team for further details.

Does Mapbox offset its CO2e emissions?

Yes, we have been committed to net zero emissions from our operations since 2017. Each year we calculate our emissions from travel, cloud computing, and our offices. To offset our emissions, we invest in a portfolio of organizations advancing carbon forestry and carbon offsets, emission removal technologies, and climate policy. Read more about our net zero strategy here.

Does Mapbox maintain or promote investments in the community or support non-profit organizations?

We invest in hundreds of relationships with nonprofits and other partners each year through the Mapbox Community team. Our impact partnerships span all topics, from social justice to nonprofit journalism to civic engagement to supporting the arts. 

Mapbox contributes over $1.5 million annually through in-kind product sponsorships and services. Since its formation in 2017, the Mapbox Community team has built relationships with over 900 non-profit, non-governmental, and community organizations from around the world.

Does Mapbox have any volunteering initiatives?

Every year since 2017, hundreds of employees have volunteered their time and skills to support nonprofits in-person and virtually, from providing career coaching to youth, to serving meals, to cleaning parks and shorelines. Throughout the year, employees are encouraged to engage in local volunteering activities to support causes they care about.

Mapbox employees across the company can also join skilled volunteering projects to help nonprofit partners build with Mapbox and to increase their own technical and professional skills, whether it be crafting custom map designs, running a training workshop, building open source tools, or coaching organizations on data architecture.

Does Mapbox support charitable giving by employees?

Mapbox matches employee donations to registered charities, providing up to $1,000 USD of matching funds per employee each year. In the five years since the start of our donation-matching program, we have collectively raised over $700,000 USD.

Does Mapbox have a commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace?

Yes, Mapbox has a living commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at Mapbox. Find more about Diversity & Inclusion commitments, programs, and investments here. Mapbox has a full-time Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lead on our People team to support employees and advance DEI initiatives at the company. We have an internal Diversity & Inclusion policy that all employees must acknowledge and is part of each twice annual employee evaluation process.

Does Mapbox offer employees training on diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Yes, all Mapbox employees are supported with learning resources and training workshops on diversity and inclusion. Mapbox has a full-time Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lead on our People team to support employees and advance DEI initiatives at the company. All Mapbox employees are required to complete anti-harassment training every two years and read and agree to our internal Harassment and Discrimination Policy.

Does Mapbox have inclusive practices for hiring people from underrepresented and minority groups?

We are committed to ensuring equal opportunity in the recruitment, hiring, and promotion of our team. Mapbox is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. We recruit, employ, train, develop, and promote our team members on the basis of their individual qualifications, competence, and merit and without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, sex, gender identity, national origin or ancestry, marital status, veteran’s status, status as a qualified individual with a disability, union affiliation, or activity or other status protected by applicable local, state, or federal law. All employees are required to read and agree to our internal Equal Employment Policy.

How does Mapbox support employee health and well-being?

At Mapbox, benefits are considered an important part of our employees’ Total Rewards package, intended to help us attract, motivate and retain employees, our company’s greatest asset. We ensure that our benefit programs by region are comprehensive, market competitive, valuable, support the overall well-being of our employees, and promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our benefits package includes medical, dental, and vision insurance for employees and dependents. We also offer employer-paid life, disability, travel insurance and additional opt-in benefits so our employees can be at their best. A 401(k) and regional retirement programs provide additional financial peace of mind. 

We offer generous paid time off and leave policies and a financial contribution when our employees grow their families. Employees also have access to employee assistance programs and other mental health benefits and apps.

Mapbox supports in-office, hybrid, and remote work options for employees. We provide commuter benefits for those who prefer the office, and an annual home office benefit for those working at home.

How does Mapbox protect user data?

Mapbox is critical infrastructure for our customers. We go to great lengths to protect the security of all customer accounts, data, and users. We conduct regular internal security audits and work with external auditors to review our hardware, software, and physical security configurations. Find more details about our platform security and data protections here.

What security standards and certifications does Mapbox follow?

We are SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. We maintain appropriate technical and organizational safeguards to protect the security, confidentiality, and integrity of our customers’ personal data, including safeguards that conform to the ISO/IEC 27002 control framework. Find more details about our security standards and download our SOC 3 report here.

How does Mapbox protect user privacy?

Mapbox is in the business of selling location tools, not information about the people using them. We prioritize privacy across our platform and product design. The privacy and dignity of our customers and users has been a north star for us since before we ever collected our first byte of user data. Find more details about our Privacy Policy here.

Does Mapbox have a policy to protect human rights and civil liberties?

We do not allow our products to be used to violate basic human rights or civil liberties. Any such abuse of our platform by a customer or a customers’ end users is a material breach of our Service Terms, leading to account shut down. All employees are encouraged to report any concerns about customers to our internal Compliance Committee. Where we have reason to believe inappropriate use by a customer we actively investigate.The Compliance Committee reports on their investigations internally on a quarterly basis.

Does Mapbox have a policy to combat any form of corruption, bribery, and unethical behavior?

We hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to how we conduct business. Mapbox has a strict anti-bribery policy that applies to all Mapbox employees, contractors, and to anyone with whom we do business. We do not work with or support any prospective or current vendors, employees, or customers who are involved with money laundering, terrorist financing, or are subject to or in violation of economic or financial sanctions, trade embargoes, export controls, and anti-boycott laws and regulations. This is documented in our internal Anti-Bribery Policy and Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Policy.

Does Mapbox promote ESG in its supply chain?

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to child labor, forced labor, or human trafficking by any customers or suppliers. This is documented in our internal Human Trafficking, Forced Labor and Child Labor Policy.

As a digital platform company, Mapbox’s supply chain is less resource and component intensive than companies in many industries. We expect suppliers and business partners to be in compliance with our internal policies and values.

Does Mapbox monitor and report on the company's operational risk?

Mapbox’s Audit Committee monitors and reports on risks to the company, with participation from General Counsel and CFO.

Does Mapbox have an annual sustainability report?

Yes. The 2022 annual sustainability report can be downloaded here.

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