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High-performance rendering of Mapbox GL JS makes it easy for Mapcarta to display over 45 million locations into one interactive hub for explorers

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • After switching to Mapbox GL JS, annual userbase has grown 122% to 82 million viewers
  • Mapbox Globe provides a “wow” effect that increases interaction
  • Problem-free rendering of tens of millions of location points drawn from open data sources

products used

Mapbox GL JS

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Mapcarta integrates information about travel destinations from different open data sources in one easy-to-use hub, displayed on an interactive Mapbox GL JS globe.

When making travel plans, open data sources can be an excellent way to find recommendations and detailed information. But the large number of open data sources can result in a lot of cross-referencing. Mapcarta makes it easier bybridging gaps between open knowledge sources and combining them in a map-driven interface. 

Mapcarta is a growing global project with already over 45 million places and points of interest documented, each drawing from between 5 and 9 open knowledge sources. As its popularity as a resource for exploring the world has increased, Mapcarta needed a scalable and reliable provider for its map architecture. 

Mapcarta's Road & Terrain view, Hong Kong

Since building with Mapbox, Mapcarta’s annual userbase has grown 122% from 37 million to 82 million viewers.

A tailored search and a customized marker layer pull in Mapcarta’s curated collection of open data sources and seamlessly integrates them into the Mapbox map experience. Given the flexibility of Mapbox GL JS, the different data sources are indistinguishable in the final map styling and performance. With millions of locations to display, Mapcarta makes use of the zoom-based styling options of Mapbox GL JS and a custom Mapbox Studio style - revealing more or less detail about points of interest as a viewer zooms in or out. The result is a clean map interface that feels intuitive and responsive, helping users discover interesting locations and places to visit - virtually or in person!  

Mapcarta's customized marker layer, North America

Today, Mapcarta is a valued resource for travelers, journalists, and local tourism businesses. Continual improvements to Mapbox functionality, including the 3D Globe view, helps Mapcarta to offer a cutting-edge web map experience.

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Smooth rendering of millions of travel destinations with Mapbox GL JS

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