Deliver natural conversations with a location-intelligent AI assistant.

Exceptional conversations

Users interact with MapGPT via natural and human-like conversations.

Actionable location insights

MapGPT uses the live data from Mapbox and is deeply integrated with the navigation software.

Designed for customization

Define the knowledge, actions, voice and appearance of your assistant.

Intelligence on the go

Make it easy to interact with navigation, infotainment
and trip planning, all powered by Mapbox location data.

Live location data

MapGPT is the first AI assistant that can have
in-depth conversations about directions, landmarks, roads, and other highly dynamic aspects of the world, constantly updated with Mapbox location data.

A conversational copilot

MapGPT knows where you are going and will help you get there. It enables drivers to discuss directions, get real-time traffic and weather updates, find EV charging stations, and learn about what’s around them.

Natural voice interactions

With MapGPT there is no need to use precise
or fully formed commands. MapGPT interprets partial information, statements, and open-ended questions, including support for multiple languages.

Actionable AI that travels with you

Build a smart assistant that can take action
on a driver’s behalf, inside and outside of a vehicle

Hands-free control

MapGPT includes a library of built-in Actions designed for drivers. Ask MapGPT to search
for destinations, control the navigation system,
play songs from music services, and more.

Integrated with the vehicle

MapGPT is connected to your vehicle systems
for battery levels and temperature control, allowing
for vehicle-specific actions and smart recommendations.

Intelligent reservations

MapGPT comes with integrations for a variety
of partners. Make restaurant bookings on request while accounting for existing travel plans, vehicle range, driver preferences, and more.

Seamless transition to chat

Continue a conversation with MapGPT before, during, and after a trip by switching between
an in-vehicle system and mobile application.

Customize MapGPT

Build custom voice assistants on a location-intelligent foundation

Flexible assistant design

MapGPT is designed to be customized. Developers can quickly build a unique assistant with its own name, wake word, avatar, personality, and voice. Components are modular, allowing developers
to use preferred LLM and voice vendors
and accommodate third-party service partnerships.

Add more actions

Developers can add custom Action Handlers
to interact with vehicle systems, use additional
third-party applications, or connect to web services.

Expandable knowledge

MapGPT can ingest additional custom data sources, such as vehicle details from the owner’s manual
or data about special points of interest such as dealer locations or EV charging networks.

Offline support

MapGPT is equipped with an onboard Tiny LLM
that runs directly on the hardware embedded
in the vehicle, allowing it to handle essential conversations without an internet connection.

Build with MapGPT

MapGPT is built into Mapbox Dash, a turnkey navigation application, and is also available inside the Dash SDK to allow developers to flexibly add AI assistants to applications.