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Data Sources

Mapbox Streets

Licensed under our Terms of Service. OpenStreetMap contributors create and improve its map data, licensed under the ODbL.

Mapbox Terrain

Licensed under our Terms of Service.

Includes commercial terrain data from Intermap® NEXTMap® USA and Europe, 5 meter posted, Type II Digital Terrain Model; Geographx. Includes open data from l'Institut national de l'information géographique et forestière, 2013; the Government of Canada (Open Government Licence – Canada); The National Land Survey of Finland Topographic Database, 2013 (NLS ODL); © Norwegian Mapping Authority (CC-BY 3.0 NO); Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2013; INEGI; Geodatastyrelsen, DHM / Terrain (1.6 m grid), 2014; The National Dynamic Land Cover Dataset © Geoscience Australia (CC-BY 2.5 AU); United States Geological Survey; NASA/JPL.

Mapbox Places

Licensed under our Terms of Service.

Contains information from the New Jersey Office of Information Technology, Office of Geographic Information Systems (NJOIT - OGIS).

Contains information licensed under the GeoNB Open Data Licence.

Includes place data from Quattroshapes (CC-BY); US Census TIGER; Flickr Shapefiles Public Dataset 2.0; Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport; Australian Bureau of Statistics; Austrian Address Register (2015-07-15 release); Government of Nova Scotia; Canvec Product licensed under the Open Government Licence – Canada; Norwegian Mapping Authority, ©Kartverket (CC-BY); INEGI; CNIGS; IBGE; IGN; Estonian Land Board.

Adapted from Statistics Canada, Census Boundaries, 2010. This does not constitute an endorsement by Statistics Canada of this product.

Incorporates or developed using G-NAF ©PSMA Australia Limited licensed by the Commonwealth of Australia under the Open Geo-coded National Address File (G-NAF) End User Licence Agreement.

Includes place data supplied by GfK GeoMarketing. Australian dataset is partially based on ABS data which is used with permission from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Brazilian dataset is partially based on IBGE data which is used with permission from the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística. Canadian dataset is partially based on Department of Natural Resources Canada data. Democratic Republic of the Congo dataset is partially based on Référentiel Géographique Commun data. Estonian dataset is partially based on Estonian Land Board data 2008. Portuguese dataset is partially based on Instituto Geográfico Português data. South African dataset is partially based on data from the Department of Water Affairs, the Municipal Demarcation Board, and National Geospatial Information.

This website / product / service contains information that is copied or extracted from data made available by the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the "Government") at https://DATA.GOV.HK ("DATA.GOV.HK"). The provision of information copied or extracted from or a link to DATA.GOV.HK at this website or in relation to the product or service shall not constitute any form of co-operation or affiliation by the Government with any person in relation to this website, the product or the service or any contents herein. Nothing in this website, the product or the service shall give rise to any representation, warranty or implication that the Government agrees with, approves of, recommends or endorses any contents of this website or the product or the service. The Government does not have any liability, obligation or responsibility whatsoever for any loss, destruction or damage (including without limitation consequential loss, destruction or damage) howsoever arising from or in respect of your use or misuse of or reliance on or inability to use any contents herein.

Includes neighborhood data from Zillow.

Contains neighborhood information Quartiers administratifs, which is available from Paris Data under the Open Database License (ODbL).

Includes Marseille neighborhood data Quartiers de Marseille,, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 (CC-BY 2.0).

Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2017.

Includes district, place and postcode data that are Copyright © TAA «Kantynent Infarmatsyynyya Tekhnalogii», 2010-2017

Includes "Postal code polygons" published by Correos de México. Data obtained from on 2019-01-30.

Includes locality data Dane z państwowego rejestru granic i powierzchni jednostek podziałów terytorialnych kraju - PRG, Główny Urząd Geodezji i Kartografii (Poland Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography), Creative Commons Uznanie Autorstwa 3.0 Polska.

Contains information by OpenStreetMap contributors, which OpenStreetMap makes available under the Open Database License (ODbL).

Includes data from GeoNames (CC-BY).

Includes points of interest (POIs) from Foursquare.

Elevation API

Contains ArcticDEM terrain data DEM(s) that was created from DigitalGlobe, Inc., imagery and funded under National Science Foundation awards 1043681, 1559691, and 1542736; Australia terrain data © Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) 2017; Austria terrain data © offene Daten Österreichs – Digitales Geländemodell (DGM) Österreich; Canada terrain data contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – Canada; Europe terrain data produced using Copernicus data and information funded by the European Union - EU-DEM layers; Global ETOPO1 terrain data U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Mexico terrain data source: INEGI, Continental relief, 2016; New Zealand terrain data Copyright 2011 Crown copyright (c) Land Information New Zealand and the New Zealand Government (All rights reserved); Norway terrain data © Kartverket; United Kingdom terrain data © Environment Agency copyright and/or database right 2015. All rights reserved; and United States 3DEP (formerly NED) and global GMTED2010 and SRTM terrain data courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey.

Mapbox Mars

Includes terrain data from HRSCview, Freie Universitaet Berlin and DLR Berlin; NASA/JPL; place data from the International Astronomical Union Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature, Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature; imagery from NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems.

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