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- Type a part of an address, e.g. ‘1600 pennsylvania’,
- Type a POI name, e.g.  'McPherson Square’,
- Type a category, e.g. ‘coffee’

Drag the marker to change the search location - proximity coordinates

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One search for all

Search millions of continuously updated locations - addresses, places, and points of interest - in one cost-effective, intuitive, and migration-friendly solution. Explore 375M+ addresses and 170M+ POIs globally with ever-improving coverage and quality.

Add search to any map

Use Search Box to create search experiences that stand out on connected cars, micromobility services, delivery apps, and more. Our easy-to-implement API provides typeahead suggestions for search queries and location details for selected results. Powered by Mapbox Search SDKs and Libraries to build your app quickly on your platform or choice.

Customizable search features

Create search experiences for streets, neighborhoods, localities, brands, and places, or enable category browsing for coffee shops, hotels, bookstores, and more categories. Use the Search Along the Route option to help users to find the closest locations to their path of travel.

Great data makes great search

Mapbox is a living location data platform that adapts to anonymous feedback collected from millions of end users. Moreover, bring your own geospatial search data to build a tailored search experience for your users.

By developers, for developers

Choose a company that prioritizes developers. Empower developers to build exceptional search experiences with modern APIs, comprehensive documentation, and world-class support.

Our business cases


Help drivers to find their destination quickly. Create a custom in-car search experience or use Search Box with Mapbox Dash, a turn-key automotive navigation solution.

Explore Mapbox Dash

Driver Apps

Ensure a full-featured search experience within driver companion apps.

Explore ANWB showcase


Help riders find pick-up or drop-off locations for bikes or scooters with search within the vehicle head unit or companion app.


Equip delivery teams with precise arrival locations for pick-ups and drop-offs.

Explore Straightaway showcase


Encourage travelers to explore with a search experience that covers every location, place, city, or neighborhood.

Consumer Apps

Enable your apps with powerful location features including search, category browsing, and reverse lookup.

Frequently asked questions

What is Search Box?

Search Box is a Mapbox product that allows developers to add interactive location search to any web and mobile app by accounting for user’s intent and ranking results accordingly. With the Search Box API, developers can easily create an autocomplete search experience that makes it easier for users to find not only addresses, but also points of interest (POIs), categories of POIs, street names, neighborhoods, localities, place names, districts, postcodes, regions, and countries.

How do I use Search Box in my app?

Search Box is an easy-to-use API that works with any application. Developers can also benefit from Search Box components for their web apps or Mapbox Mobile SDK for their iOS and Android apps.

How is the Search Box API different from the Geocoding API?

The Geocoding API is intended to be used for address search only. The Search Box API can be used to search for addresses, but it also includes results for POI, categories, and brands and has additional functionality, such as Search Along a Route. If your users need to search for POI, such as restaurants, gas stations, and important landmarks, Search Box is the right product for you.

Do the Search Box API and the Geocoding API provide the same address results?

Behind the scenes, the Search Box API utilizes the address search capabilities of our Geocoding API, so the address results from both of these APIs will be the same. However, results will differ because Search Box API includes more data types (such as POI), which are ranked based on the user query and detected user intent. The Search Box API will rank a POI entry on the top and a matching address entry on the bottom, for example, if the POI match is more relevant to the user.

How does Mapbox acquire its POI data?

Mapbox licenses data from numerous data providers globally. Our conflation engine validates, merges, normalizes, and enriches this data, and our data quality teams apply manual corrections to provide the most accurate information about a POI. \Our POI data is also continuously validated via telemetry from Mapbox-enabled apps/devices and user feedback through Mapbox Contribute.

How is the Search Box API priced?

Pricing for the Mapbox Search Box API is based on which API endpoints are used. If you are using the /suggest or /retrieve endpoints, usage will be billed per search session. If you are using the /category or /reverse endpoints, usage will be billed per request. For more details, please review our pricing page.

What is a ‘search session’?

A search session is a series of /suggest and /retrieve API calls that mimic the user interaction in a typical search scenario. A search session begins when the user starts typing (first /suggest call made by your app) and ends when the user selects a result (a /retrieve call made by your app). A search session will automatically expire after 2 minutes of inactivity or after 50 consecutive /suggest calls without a /retrieve call.

Can I store results from the Search Box API?

The results from the Search Box API can not be stored.

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