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Optimization and Turn-by-Turn navigation for drivers

Straightaway, a route planning app for home deliveries, is helping FedEx drivers save hours every day on their routes. Mapbox directions, optimization and turn-by-turn navigation help guide drivers through neighborhoods where they often deliver 150 - 250 packages per day. An optimized route saves fleet operators thousands of dollars per year on fuel, vehicle maintenance, and missed deliveries. Drivers deliver more packages, finish their days earlier, and get home to their families sooner.

Straightaway designed iPhone, iPad and Android apps with delivery drivers at center focus. Drivers can scan their daily FedEx manifest (any other list of addresses works too) using their phone’s camera. Snapping a photo of addresses saves hours in comparison to entering addresses one by one across multiple apps. Straightaway then organizes the driver’s route by computing the best sequence for all delivery stops using the Mapbox Optimization API saving over an hour of driving time on a typical route. Straightaway uses the Mapbox Navigation SDK to offer turn by turn guidance from delivery to delivery directly in the app, saving time and guiding new drivers on their routes.

“We realized quickly that to offer the features our users were asking for we needed the tech that only Mapbox had. We could have continued to run Straightaway offering basic routing features but we wanted to provide more. We wanted to give users advanced features like real-time traffic-aware routing, time windows, vehicle packing, turn-by-turn navigation and a few more that are still under wraps. To do this we needed the partnership we now have with Mapbox.”

Zach Blank
Straightaway core feature set