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Washington Post

The Washington Post maps history

The maps The Washington Post builds are greater than the sum of their coordinates. The heralded publication uses detailed location data to bring stories to life whether that’s recounting 1968 D.C. Riots or the events that followed the death of MLK Jr.

The Post triaged data from more than 2,000 declassified Secret Service reports to create a powerful, immersive, and interactive experience, combining audio interviews, archival footage, and a custom-designed map style using Mapbox’s platform.

The Washington Post team continues to push the boundaries of data journalism and storytelling. We’re honored to be a part of that.  

Democrats seize House visualization

Using our fast vector maps and ability to fully control every element of map and data styling, the Washington Post team has repeatedly pushed the boundaries of data journalism and storytelling.

The Washington Post 1968 D.C. riots interactive map
Washington Post’s Electoral Map
Washington Post’s Electoral Map
The Washington Post map America’s “Super Zips”