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What spreadsheets want to be when they grow up

Just because you’ve been in the industry for decades, doesn’t mean you stop innovating. MicroStrategy is a leader in the business intelligence space and stays ahead of the competition by adding advanced features like next-generation mapping capabilities to allow customers to render massive datasets without slowing down their workflow.

Microstrategy visualization

When where became necessary to unlock insights across business and use cases, Microstrategy launched Geospatial Services powered by Mapbox, letting analysts drill down into data at a granular level — anywhere in the world.

“With MicroStrategy Geospatial Services, our customers can leverage the entire Mapbox platform, and are thrilled they can drill down into data from the country level all the way down to municipalities and quickly glean insights from billions of data points.”

Jose Nocedal, Vice President, Group Product Owner at MicroStrategy

Whether you’re an insurance company trying to understand which properties are most at risk or a retail chain trying to understand where to open your next store, MicroStrategy helps you make decisions quickly while also wow’ing your boss with a dynamic visual.