Back to all cases builds with Mapbox GL JS to visualize groundbreaking weather intelligence worldwide.

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Mapbox GL JS handles high volumes of real-time dynamic weather data
  • Mapbox provides a flexible platform for global forecast visualization
  • Performant location features enable to focus on core weather intelligence capabilities

products used

Mapbox GL JS is the world's leading weather intelligence and climate adaptation platform. Supercharged by next-generation space technology, cutting-edge generative AI, and proprietary modeling capabilities, global leaders including JetBlue, Fox Sports, The United States Air Force, Ford, and Uber rely on to solve their weather and climate-related challenges. From innovative early warning systems to actionable insights, organizations can predict impact, mitigate risk, and ensure operational resilience.

Delivered via Weather API and a SaaS platform, weather intelligence technology transforms how individuals, businesses, governments, and countries approach climate threats and opportunities. By equipping users with precision forecasts and insights, empowers informed decision-making to drive safety, efficiency, and growth on a global scale.

By visualizing our precise weather data with Mapbox, delivers high-impact weather intelligence to users worldwide. This partnership enables smooth and flexible rendering of real-time forecast visualizations.

relevant industries

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