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Weather for those who depend on it

For most of us, the weather forecast tells us how to get dressed each day. And if the forecast is wrong, well, ok, guess you didn't need those rain boots. But for those that depend on accurate weather data to deliver services like managing utility companies, transportation networks, or major construction projects, an inaccurate forecast can carry serious consequences.

Founded by pilots who experienced this danger first hand, Tomorrow.io improves traditional weather forecasting data with a network of sensors. They've created a network of virtual weather stations formed by millions of pressure-sensitive connected sensors around the world — in cell phones, vehicles, airplanes, and drones.

Tomorrow.io HyperCast 2.0 monitoring lightning strikes.

Their HyperCast 2.0 product uses Mapbox to display dynamic weather patterns in real time and generate high-resolution global models. The result is a hyper-accurate forecasted and historic weather data platform that helps companies like JetBlue make decisions around delays and run a safer operation.

Their MicroWeather API allows companies across weather-sensitive industries to see all of their weather data in one place - with multiple options for numerical weather data and map layers they can embed into their own application. It helps ride-sharing platforms like VIA predict demand, and enables other industries to differentiate their product with weather insights like Road Risk, Fire Index, and more.