Leverage location to provide customers a seamless omnichannel shopping experience

Mapbox Building Blocks for Checkout Process

Reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates with faster checkout

Help more customers convert faster with the world's fastest maps and with an autofill address form that allows customers to enter accurate addresses with a few keystrokes even on small mobile devices.

Increase average order size and lifetime value by sending customers to locations that have what they are looking for

Highlight locations based on available inventory, wait times, and services offered. Hide competitors and highlight your locations with maps that match your brand.

Avoid delivery exceptions and returns

Validate addresses during checkout to eliminate typos and provide customers with a visual confirmation of the destination to avoid misdirected deliveries that result in returns.

Catch fraud and reduce support volume with in-receipt maps

Customers can easily spot fraudulent purchases and report it faster when the map shows an unfamiliar place. Help customers quickly recognize purchases and minimize unnecessary volume on call centers.

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