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The accuracy and global coverage of Mapbox Movement data enables Symaps to provide clients with more accurate analysis with less data processing required

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Global coverage of Mapbox Movement data for clients with widespread operations
  • More accurate footfall analysis, even outside urban areas
  • Privacy-forward design and privacy compliance

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About Symaps
Symaps is a SaaS location intelligence platform that provides data-driven insights to help businesses make informed decisions about strategic location planning and retail site selection. Companies use Symaps to optimize and expand their sales network, whether they directly manage brick-and-mortar stores or distribute products through resellers.

Symaps AI-powered models blend three types of location data: socio-demographics of residents, pedestrian and vehicle traffic patterns, and data on business and amenities. Symaps provides layers for analysis, including the location of competitors, enabling businesses to make smart location decisions that go deep in analysis while keeping user privacy 100% safe.

The search for reliable movement data that preserves privacy

Analysis of footfall and vehicle traffic patterns are of paramount importance to Symaps users, especially when conducting location analyses or selecting new store locations. However, with other data providers, Symaps had to address issues such as geographical bias in traffic data, discrepancies arising from inadequate sample sizes, and highly variable coverage. Many Symaps clients operate internationally so a global data solution with consistent quality was needed to address client questions regarding international expansion.

At the same time, Symaps attaches great importance to user privacy, making it imperative to find a privacy-first data partner that protects user privacy and complies with privacy laws. 

Mapbox Movement provides global coverage and compliance

Based on positive experiences building with Mapbox Maps for visualizations, Symaps approached Mapbox about their search for a reliable movement data partner.

Mapbox Movement is sourced from thousands of different apps, constantly updating and aggregating a globally distributed user base of more than 700M monthly active users. The volume and distribution of the data powering Mapbox Movement addressed Symaps concerns about geographical bias and discrepancies from inadequate sample sizes. At the same time, the strict privacy-first design of Mapbox data products prioritizes end user privacy and data security, and Mapbox constantly monitors for changes in privacy laws in order to stay compliant, providing a sustainable solution for Symaps' location intelligence requirements.

Compare characteristics of locations, such as population profile, footfall, and nearby businesses and amenities.

Mapbox proves a responsive and reliable data partner

Symaps worked closely with Mapbox product and engineering teams to learn about working with Mapbox Movement data and define the specific format and scope of data requirements. Mapbox tailored data licenses to Symaps’ needs and delivered data ahead of schedule.

After rigorous analysis and testing, Symaps confirmed that Mapbox Movement data are far more reliable than any previous sources used before. Furthermore, the data are easier for Symaps to work with because data processing by Mapbox already accounts for adjustments based on area density. The result is more accurate simulations and location analysis, with less time spent on data processing.

Network optimization insights based on personalized settings. Book a demo with Symaps.

Symaps clients are confident in dependable data quality

The partnership with Mapbox has provided Symaps with a solid foundation of high-quality and dependable data, enabling the platform to deliver top-quality location analysis to its clients for the optimization of their geographic presence.

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