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Using the Mapbox Directions and Tilequery APIs, TRIM-IT uses a unique time slot management algorithm that increased revenue by 13%

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Easy integration of Mapbox Maps with custom applications on web and mobile
  • Improved logistics with more accurate travel times from the Mapbox Directions API
  • The Mapbox Tilequery API helps match customers to barbers based on proximity to a barber’s existing bookings for the day to reduce travel time between clients

products used

Mobile Maps SDK

Directions API

Tilequery API

Why should it take so long to get a haircut? Finding the time to commute to and wait around in a barbershop can be a challenge. TRIM-IT’s app-powered mobile barbershop puts your barber on your schedule, with a high quality mobile barbershop tailored for you and your appointment. TRIM-IT’s team of professional Barbers will give you the cut of your dreams seconds from your living room.

“Without meeting some amazing Mapbox developers in california 3 years ago, I wouldn’t have found out about their great API’s which we rely on in our day to day operations! More accurate travel times have allowed us to make schedules more efficient, increasing our revenue by 13%.”

Peter Lloyd, Co-Founder and CTO at TRIM-IT

Using the Mapbox Mobile Maps SDKs, the TRIM-IT app gives users the freedom to pick and choose where and when they get their haircut. In just a matter of seconds, customers can pin their haircut location of choice (home, work or even your gym!), search for available time slots with barbers, and schedule an appointment, all in the palm of their hand.

As you can imagine, managing many barbers who are delivering back-to-back haircuts all throughout London can be a logistical nightmare. TRIM-IT has solved this problem by creating a unique time slot management algorithm with the Mapbox Directions API and Tilequery API. This feature allows each user to select their ideal location for their trim, and provides each barber with the most optimal route between customers. It also enables new cuts to be booked based on the customer’s proximity to a barber’s current schedule, which ensures their day is packed and their wallets are full.

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