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The Mapbox Navigation SDK helped Picnic to decrease their average delivery time and increase their on-time delivery rate

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Mapbox Navigation SDK is easily adapted to the needs of drivers and custom vehicles
  • Mapbox Directions API enables the Picnic dispatch team to plan delivery routes
  • Map styling control allows fine-tuned improvement to the driver experience, such as highlighting individual buildings and enlarging house numbers

products used

Navigation SDK

Directions API

Picnic does food delivery differently: faster, easier, and cheaper. Without physical stores, Picnic’s user-centric app makes shopping for quality food a quick, simple, and fun experience. Picnic also delivers groceries in custom Electric Picnic Vehicles that are designed to reduce emissions and avoid blocking traffic on narrow streets.

A data-driven approach to delivery has allowed Picnic to quickly become one of Europe's largest online supermarkets with over 2,500 vehicles delivering in the Netherlands, France, and Germany. With hundreds of thousands of customers and monthly expansions into new cities, Picnic is one of the fastest-growing grocery companies. 

Picnic has earned a reputation as the reliable neighborhood ‘milkman’ for grocery deliveries with a 20 minute delivery window promise. Keeping that promise means ensuring that their drivers get to where they need to be on time, efficiently, and safely. At the same time, the Electric Picnic Vehicles have unique speed limitations and vehicle dimensions, which means that generic driver navigation apps based on an ‘average’ vehicle resulted in inappropriate routing and inaccurate timing predictions.

Picnic needed a navigation solution that they could customize to the needs of their vehicles and drivers. The solution needed to be quick to implement, easy to scale, and flexible enough to allow for iterative improvement.

Mapbox has equipped us to build our own navigation experience that is tailored to our drivers and vehicles. Our custom routing is already increasing the accuracy of our trip planning, improving safety, and helping our drivers to fill more orders - and all within a clean interface that fits perfectly into our driver app.

Joris-Jan Kraak, Product Owner, Picnic

With Mapbox, Picnic was able to develop a customized routing solution for their drivers. Using the Mapbox Navigation SDK, Picnic added in-app routing and turn-by-turn directions so that drivers can stay within the Picnic driver app while making deliveries. This also helps Picnic to improve and reward driver behavior and navigation more precisely. In addition, the Mapbox Directions API enables the Picnic dispatch team plan delivery routes ahead of time. Mapbox design flexibility also provides Picnic developers with full control over every element of the map, such as how buildings and house numbers are highlighted to improve the driver navigation experience, or the look and feel of the map to align with the Picnic brand.

Picnic app with Runner view and navigation screen

With the help of Mapbox routing and logistics solutions, Picnic deliveries are safer and more efficient - improving the experience for both their drivers and customers. Since the launch of Mapbox-powered navigation, Picnic has decreased drive time per delivery and increased the on-time delivery rate.

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