Modern cars run on data. Build Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functions with fresh and accurate map data from Mapbox.

ADAS data and eHorizon demo (Munich, Germany)

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ADAS map data, updated daily

Deliver superior performance and comfort with safety-critical map attributes like road curvature, road slope and speed limits with daily updates based on live detections from thousands of sensors.

Road curvature

Measure of road curviness, measured in 1 divided by the curve radius (m-1). High curvature roads usually trigger changes in speed and suspension control systems.

Road slope

Measure of the steepness of a road in percent. Useful for both ADAS speed control and hybrid vehicles control.

Speed limits

Implicit or explicit upper limit on speed in kilometers or miles per hour. Includes conditional and temporary posted speed limit.

Speed limit regulation compliance

Meet regulatory requirements for new vehicles with Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) functionality and exceed them with daily updates providing 95%+ speed limit coverage.

Regulations. Commission delegated regulation (EU) 2021/1958 of 23 Lune 2021
Mapbox ADAS SDK Horizon

Electronic Horizon

Predict the road ahead with reliable on-board map matching and eHorizon module. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Interface Specification (ADASIS) v2 output is supported for direct Controller Area Network (CAN) bus integration.

Bandwidth efficiency & offline options

Ensure drivers never run out of relevant road information. ADAS SDK data management algorithms minimize cellular data usage and enable seamless transition between online and offline modes.

Mapbox ADAS SDK bandwdith
Mapbox ADAS SDK navigation feature

No nav, no problem

The lightweight Mapbox architecture brings state-of-the-art ADAS functions even to cars with no visual navigation. Our modular architecture supports most automotive operating systems and runs on a minimal resource footprint.

Frequently asked questions


What does ADAS SDK do?

The Mapbox ADAS SDK is the end-to-end solution that provides ADAS road attributes including road slopes, road curvatures and speed limits for up to 10 km ahead of the vehicle.

How can I evaluate ADAS SDK?

You can evaluate the Mapbox ADAS data or integrate it into your Android project today using these instructions. Contact us to get the Mapbox ADAS SDK for Linux.

What can I build with the ADAS SDK?

The Mapbox ADAS SDK provides map data for New Car Assessment Programs (NCAP) features. These features include adaptive cruise control, adaptive suspension management, urban speed management, intelligent speed assistance and other SAE L0-L2+ functions.

What data layers are included in the ADAS map?

The Mapbox ADAS map includes core road information such as road topology, geometry, classification, and separate layers with precise road curvatures, road slopes and speed limits including conditional and implicit.

What countries and road classes are available?

The Mapbox ADAS map offers global coverage – with the exception of China, South Korea and Japan – and covers all road classes excluding service, residential and track roads.

Does ADAS SDK support CAN bus integration?

Yes. The Mapbox ADAS SDK can produce ADASISv2 output that can be fed directly into vehicle CAN bus.

What platforms can ADAS SDK run on?

The Mapbox ADAS SDK is implemented in C++ and supports Android and Linux or other platforms by request. We bundled the ADAS SDK with the Mapbox Navigation SDK for Android to facilitate faster evaluation, research and development of ADAS features.

Can ADAS SDK run separately from visual navigation?

Yes. The Mapbox ADAS SDK components are independent of a visual navigation system. In addition, the ADAS SDK for Android is bundled with the Mapbox Navigation SDK for Android in order to facilitate faster evaluation, research and development of ADAS features. Evaluating the ADAS SDK requires only a couple of additional lines of code in a project powered by the Mapbox Navigation SDK. It is up to the developer to decide if visual navigation is needed.

How much does ADAS SDK cost?

Please contact the Mapbox auto sales team to learn more about how ADAS SDK is priced.

ISA and GSR2

What is ISA and what is GSR2?

Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) is the general name for the in-vehicle safety system that warns they are, or prevents drivers from, exceeding the legal speed limit. Starting in 2022, every new car model for sale in Europe is required to have an always-on display of the current speed limit and to warn drivers when they exceed it. This is stipulated by General Safety Regulation 2 (661/2009/EC) that has made ISA mandatory in all new M- and N-category vehicle types – cars, vans, trucks, and buses – starting in 2022. By 2024, it is mandated that all new vehicles sold within the EU must include ISA as a standard line fit, and not as an aftermarket or additional solution.

Does ADAS SDK enable GSR2 compliance?

Yes. GSR2 requires 90% speed limit accuracy for all EU countries. The Mapbox ADAS SDK offers a speed limit data feed that is 95%+ accurate.

How often is ADAS SDK speed limit data updated?

GSR2 requires an annual speed limit database update. The Mapbox ADAS SDK provides daily speed limit database updates.

What countries are supported for GSR2 compliance?

The Mapbox ADAS SDK supports all EU member states and their overseas territories.

These include Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland (Including overseas territories), Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Portugal (including overseas territories), Poland, Austria, Netherlands (including overseas territories), Malta, Hungary, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus, Italy, Croatia, France (Including overseas territories), Spain (Including overseas territories), Greece, Ireland, Estonia, Germany, Denmark (Including overseas territories), Czechia, Bulgaria, Belgium, United Kingdom.

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