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A moped fleet at your feet

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

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Waiting for that notification that your ride-share is around the corner, but how about hopping on a zero-emission/electric-powered alternative and going on your own time? Revel has mopeds available just around the corner. Download the app, complete the safety exam, and be on your way!

Revel uses Mapbox Mobile Maps SDK and directions for riders to find nearby mopeds & designated drop off areas, allowing them to navigate through cities, covering more ground faster.

No need to wait for a message that your ride is here, just hop on & go!

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Riding high on customer satisfaction enhancements with in-app navigation from Mapbox

Navigation SDK

Directions API

A new way to get around

Directions API

Base Maps

Simple location tagging for photos with the Mapbox Geocoding API


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