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Conserving history and heritage, for all

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Exploring ancient history shouldn’t require an ancient experience.

In partnership with National Geographic and the European Union (EU), UNESCO developed World Heritage Journeys Europe, a rich interactive web experience that lets everyone explore Europe’s World Heritage sites with new context and perspective. Four unique journeys showcase the development of people and cultures from Europe's ancient history up to the modern day, while helping travelers experience these destinations in ways that protect their outstanding value and support the local communities that sustain them.

Explore Europe’s hidden underground, travel through ancient Rome, or take a stroll through prominent royal palaces and gardens. Blending history, imagery, static and interactive maps with satellite layer and custom styling, POIs, and local information, it’s almost as impressive an 800 year old, 10-story castle, built without modern machines. Almost.

It has been fantastic working with the Community team at Mapbox over the past few months. The collaboration has helped our team acquire fundamental GIS skills and equip us to independently use their powerful, yet intuitive, Mapbox Studio and other tools in the future.

Matthew Rabagliati Head of Policy, Research and Communications, UK National Commission for UNESCO

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