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Mapbox GL JS makes it easy for Mapster to help WordPress users enrich their websites with interactive maps

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Comprehensive set of features to build a multi-purpose plugin
  • Map design flexibility allows built-in options as well as unlimited customization
  • The ability to create complex maps like map comparisons, heatmaps, or elevation maps

products used

Mapbox GL JS

About WordPress

WordPress is a multifunctional, open-source platform that powers up to 43% of websites around the globe. From small businesses to personal blogs, WordPress offers a flexible and user-friendly framework for developing websites with no coding expertize. Site creators can choose between a wide variety of site themes, patterns, and over 55,000 plugins.

Fast and easy custom map integration for WordPress websites

When Victor Temprano, the founder of Vancouver-based tech company Mapster, was looking for a library to build a map plugin for Wordpress users, he turned to Mapbox. The resulting plugin, Mapster WP Maps, seamlessly integrates Mapbox GL JS to simplify the process of adding a custom map to a WordPress website, with both a free and premium version with extended list of features.

"We created our first Mapbox Wordpress plugin years ago, but it just didn’t take full advantage of everything that we could do. So we revamped everything in Mapster WP Maps – and we think it’s the best mapping plugin out there in terms of features, usability, and speed."

Victor Temprano, Founder, Mapster

Mapster WP Maps unlocks the extensive customization options of Mapbox

Based on Mapbox GL JS, Mapster’s plugin for WordPress makes it easy to customize maps, allowing users to draw lines, adjust map size, add polygons and create custom overlays, all without the coding that would be required if building from scratch. This allows users to take a Mapbox style that they’ve designed themselves, and turn it into a fully-featured app, by adding popup functionality, hovers, category filters, and much more. 

Mapster WP Maps basic map in Wordpress interface

Additional features like location search and the opportunity to add unlimited markers through a live preview editor, then upgrading them using text, images, video, and GIFs, enhance the user experience. There are many map styling options that provide the ability to save time by choosing from built-in designs, or you can simply use your unique custom map style built in Mapbox Studio. You can even use custom images to create a totally fantasy map!

For users looking for more, the Pro version of the plugin offers features such as the ability to mass edit features, import and export thousands of points and polygons, Store Locators, complex category filters, and special map types like heatmaps, clustering, and map comparers. There is so much packed into this plugin, but it still remains intuitive and easy to use.

Mapster WP Maps elevation chart example

To meet the diverse needs of WordPress users, the plugin is supported by extensive documentation and videos from the Mapster team. There is a site with dozens of examples of maps so you can get a sense of what you can do. And of course, the Mapster team is always open to adding new features, and they have a feature request board taking suggestions anytime.

Enhanced users experience with Mapster’s plugin, powered by Mapbox

The WordPress community continues to innovate and enhance the tooling available for site creators. Mapster’s plugin makes it easier than ever for WordPress users to add custom maps to websites, fulfilling a variety of needs from displaying brand store locations to personal blogging about favorite or memorable places.

Mapster actively supports and continuously improves the plugin, ensuring it meets user requirements and stays updated with the latest technology trends. The combination of the ease of use of the WordPress platform and the versatility of the Mapster WP Maps plugin, powered by Mapbox, provides more than 1100 users with a powerful tool to enrich their websites with interactive and customized maps.

"We try to make a plugin that's actually useful for everyday users of Wordpress, and we get really positive feedback on that front. People are excited about the breadth and depth of the features -- stuff they just can't find anywhere else. Integrating Mapbox in particular is exciting because of all the incredible visualizations and tools available. It's a whole different level of mapping in Wordpress!"

Victor Temprano, Founder, Mapster

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