Diversity & Inclusion

To build Mapbox for everyone, we need ideas and magic from everywhere. Mapbox is a global team of individuals from all backgrounds with dynamic life experiences.

Photos: CC BY 3.0 US Mapbox Uncharted ERG

People first

Working at Mapbox means being part of an amazing community of friendly, diverse, and talented people who work together to achieve big goals. None of us took the same path to get here, but we can all find our world at Mapbox.

Employee resource groups (ERG)

Gender Minority ERG

Support a diverse, inclusive work environment that champions mentorship, community, and advocacy among gender minorities at Mapbox.

Uncharted ERG

Uncharted supports a diverse, inclusive work environment that champions learning, community, and advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans/nonbinary, queer, intersex, and asexual-identified people at Mapbox.

Intersection ERG

Intersections aim to support and promote a diverse workspace at Mapbox via community building, advocacy, and mentorship for racial minorities at Mapbox.

Our affinity groups

Mapbox has several employee-led affinity groups that help build a healthy and engaging workplace culture. You’ll find, once you join, that there might be more than what's below!

Gender Adventure

Trans, Genderqueer, Non-binary

Hola Mundo


Kids / Parents


Rainbow Room

LGBTQ* + allies


Women in Tech Sales


Black/ African-American



Our commitments

Our policy reflects the growth of our vision for Diversity & Inclusion and makes the implicit explicit by assigning ownership to individual Mapboxers and Mapbox as a company.

Be an ally, and report when things go wrong

Respect inclusive spaces, including but not limited to gender-neutral restrooms, quiet rooms and nursing rooms

Sponsor individuals from underrepresented groups by spending my power and social capital on their behalf

Complete the Unconscious Bias workshop within 12 months of joining Mapbox

Complete the Unconscious Bias workshop within 12 months of joining Mapbox

Evaluate individuals for jobs & promotions based solely on the value added to the organization

Consult members of a community before publishing something that discusses said community

Read the Diversity & Inclusion guide today and stay engaged in the latest developments

Educate myself with respect to inclusive and non-discriminatory language, and refrain from using offensive language

Not engage in any behavior or activity—during or after work hours-that constitutes hate speech or harassing activity

Publish our diversity policies, goals, and metrics to the public on an annual basis

Conduct frequent and regular surveys to ensure we are building and maintaining a diverse & inclusive environment at the team, department and company level

Evaluate employees based on Mapbox values, quarterly goals and regular performance feedback

Evaluate managers for building and maintaining diverse teams

Support mentorship of individuals from underrepresented groups, and encourage and recognize individuals who mentor others

Offer equitable compensation and career advancement opportunities to all individuals based on relevant and appropriate criteria

Provide accessible, inclusive offices and accommodations

Allocate funds and time to Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that support and advance diversity and inclusion

Not tolerate hateful or harassing speech, hate activity, or other threats to an inclusive work environment

Not knowingly hire or retain an employee who participates in behavior that constitutes discrimination, harassment or bullying

Partnerships & sponsorships

Our partner and sponsor organizations work to promote diversity, empathy, inclusion, and growth, both in the communities they serve and worldwide. We're so grateful and excited to be able to work with them to support these goals.

"Womenhack events" logo."Nextplay" logo."National center for women information technology" logo"Bison hacks" logo."Afro tech" logo."Lesbians who tech" logo."Rails Girls Summer of Code" logo.

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