Diversity + Inclusion

Find your World.

To build Mapbox for everyone, we need ideas and magic from everywhere. Mapbox is a global team of individuals from all backgrounds with dynamic life experiences. With intention, discipline and commitment, we are dedicated to building a support system that multiplies the contribution of every individual.

People first

Working at Mapbox means being part of an amazing community of friendly, diverse, and talented people who work together to achieve big goals. None of us took the same path to get here, but we can all find our world at Mapbox.

Aj's Story

We're encouraged to take risks and be curious. From a mistake comes an opportunity to learn. This is something Mapbox has not shied away from.

I’ve been in tech sales for nearly a decade, working for a government contractor selling accessibility solutions for the deaf (ADAS). Looking for a new challenge, I heard about a DC-based company working from a garage. When I visited, I noticed the garage had no elevator, and there were dogs running around everywhere. The office had a casual feel and I immediately noticed the diversity: other people had ethnicities like mine; there was a diversity of education — people who hadn’t gone to college; people with a natural curiosity like me. The place was full of really smart people.

Fun Fact: I enjoy bird watching and I'm bilingual.

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Bersabel's Story

There is a high level of trust placed in the work that I do.

I was looking for a company that I could invest in, one that had long-term value and potential. Through the interview process I fell in love with the company culture at Mapbox.

In the process of searching for my second job out of college, I reached out to the chief technology officer through my college alumni network. He was helpful and introduced me to a few people. The main thing I wanted to optimize for was to continue to learn and grow. Mapbox was quite different, and everyone I met was willing to sit down and explain things. That was what really attracted me.

Fun Fact: I can speak 3 languages (Amharic, French and English).

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"At Mapbox, diversity and inclusion isn’t just something we care about, it’s something we strive to embed into everything we do. We start at the root by designing talent and business processes that inherently support D&I goals, and then providing our leaders and teams with actionable tools to live these values every day."

The Task Force: Embedding Diversity & Inclusion

We believe Diversity & Inclusion should be embedded into every facet of an organization. That's why every quarter, we form a Task Force of Mapboxers from various parts of the business to help us evolve and continually strive to increase the value of our contribution to the Diversity & Inclusion space.

Gender Minority ERG

Support a diverse, inclusive work environment that champions mentorship, community, and advocacy among gender minorities at Mapbox.

Intersections ERG

Intersections aims to support and promote a diverse workspace at Mapbox via community building, advocacy and mentorship for racial minorities at Mapbox.

Uncharted ERG

Uncharted supports a diverse, inclusive work environment that champions learning, community, and advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans/nonbinary, queer, intersex, and asexual-identified people at Mapbox.

Our affinity groups

From Allyship to Beyoncé to Matzah - Affinity groups at Mapbox are employee founded and led, online and in-person communities, that allow our global workforce to fellowship around their unique cultural perspectives.

Gender Adventure

Trans, Genderqueer, Non-binary

Hola Mundo


Kids / Parents


Rainbow Room

LGBTQ* + allies


Women in Tech Sales


Black/ African-American



Our commitments

As part of our continued growth as a company, the Q1 Diversity & Inclusion task force took on the challenge of updating our Diversity & Inclusion policy. Our policy reflects the growth of our vision for Diversity & Inclusion and makes the implicit explicit by assigning ownership to individual Mapboxers and Mapbox as a company.

Be an ally, and report when things go wrong
Sponsor individuals from underrepresented groups by spending my power and social capital on their behalf
Communicate respectfully and professionally with all team members, regardless of their background or identity
Consult members of a community before publishing something that discusses said community
Educate myself with respect to inclusive and non-discriminatory language, and refrain from using offensive language
Respect inclusive spaces, including but not limited to gender-neutral restrooms, quiet rooms and nursing rooms
Not engage in any behavior or activity—during or after work hours-that constitutes hate speech or harassing activity
Evaluate individuals for jobs & promotions based solely on the value added to the organization
Read the Diversity & Inclusion guide today and stay engaged in the latest developments
Complete the Unconscious Bias workshop within 12 months of joining Mapbox

Partnerships & Sponsorships

Our partner and sponsor organizations work to promote diversity, empathy, inclusion, and growth, both in the communities they serve and worldwide. We're so grateful and excited to be able to work with them to support these goals.

Build with us. Grow with us.

We look for incredibly smart and radically pragmatic people. Our team members have a range of cultural, ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds. We prioritize the progression, growth, and leadership of individuals from all backgrounds and strongly believe in the value of cultivating a diverse team. Sound like you?

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