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Let's build maps to change the world!

Mapbox started because of the power of location. Working in Afghanistan, Congo, Haiti, and the United States we saw how data and maps can shine a bright light on the hardest of problems. This spirit drives our mission to get the best location tools into the hands of changemakers around the world.

Mentorship and skilled volunteers

Sometimes you need someone to help you build. We can provide technical feedback and facilitate collaboration with volunteers from across Mapbox.

Discounts and special permissions

Costs or procurement cycles should not block positive impact. We can help with tailored discounts, product donations, and other license arrangements.

Impact tools

Get a kickstart for your project with simple blueprints for common situations, like mapping from a spreadsheet or building a storytelling map. Explore tutorials and templates.

Promotion and partnership

Let’s get the word out about your work to grow your impact. We can collaborate on shared storytelling, events, networking, and long-term partnerships.


Unprecedented numbers of developers used location tools to understand and respond to the pandemic.

Data for action

Hundreds of projects turned COVID data into insights and decision-support tools, from international teams like UN OCHA to governments to companies like UrbanFootprint to researchers like NextStrain.

Measuring movement

A global conversation began about using movement data to inform public health decisions. Mapbox teams and partners explored patterns in mobility - from where travel decreased to proxies for economic activity.

Creativity and compassion

Volunteers stepped up to connect vulnerable people with support, help find essential supplies, and promote local businesses during shutdowns. Collaborations built open data projects like Care Map.

Powerful visualizations

Maps helped us make sense of the news and personalize the human story of COVID data. We shared Boundaries data to improve visualizations as well as dataviz best practices.

From tools to impact

Location tools help you make better decisions, achieve better results, and tell better stories. The Mapbox Community team exists to support individuals and organizations using these tools for positive impact.

Invest in changemakers

Location is a critical piece of many challenges, from disaster response to disease surveillance to environmental protection and beyond. We offer a range of support to those who are building solutions.

Increase access and inclusion

Everyone working for the greater good should have access to the best tools available. We invest in open data and open source communities, donate and discount our tools, and create diverse learning resources.

Engage through action

Positive change also requires direct action. We partner with leaders in local and global communities to contribute our time, expertise, and resources.

If you are an educator or student, we have additional support for you.

Mapbox technology and functionality undoubtedly elevated our 2021 Watchlist. It enabled us to creatively demonstrate the geographic scope of crisis contexts around the world. We are so grateful to the Mapbox team for their editorial and technical support throughout this process.
Alexandra Sarazen, Emergency Communications Officer, International Rescue Committee