2020 Impact

We supported positive impact organizations around the world by donating products, expertise, volunteer time, and charitable giving.


collaborations with partner organizations


volunteers from teams across Mapbox

$1.6 million

in donated services and sponsorships


COVID-19 projects using mapping tools to help


Unprecedented numbers of developers used location tools to understand and respond to the pandemic.

Data for action

Hundreds of projects turned COVID data into insights and decision-support tools, from international teams like UN OCHA to governments to companies like UrbanFootprint to researchers like NextStrain.

Measuring movement

A global conversation began about using movement data to inform public health decisions. Mapbox teams and partners explored patterns in mobility - from where travel decreased to proxies for economic activity.

Creativity and compassion

Volunteers stepped up to connect vulnerable people with support, help find essential supplies, and promote local businesses during shutdowns. Collaborations built open data projects like Care Map.

Powerful visualizations

Maps helped us make sense of the news and personalize the human story of COVID data. We shared Boundaries data to improve visualizations as well as dataviz best practices.

New initiatives

Despite the pandemic, 2020 saw many exciting launches.

Impact tools

We launched a collection of free templates and guides based on common requests, so changemakers can build quickly — from mapping from a spreadsheet to a mobile-friendly ‘locator’ to data joins.

Data partnerships

We explored novel data sources and analysis methods with partners like the World Bank, from using movement data to coordinate crisis response to using traffic data to optimize tourism infrastructure.

Election mapping

Our speaker series and contest showcased election maps. Partners analyzed barriers to voting, helped communities find where to vote, shared tools to assess and counter gerrymandering, and reported missing mailboxes.

Smokey screens

An unprecedented US fire season brought new ways of visualizing open data on wildfires and air quality, including SWIR imagery and sensor data. Partners improved maps to communicate fire status, wildfire risk, and vulnerable populations.

Explore 2020 community maps

Ten stand-out partnerships of the year, spanning our core goals of championing changemakers, furthering access and inclusion, and supporting action for positive change.


Mapping the Black Lives Matter Movement

Volunteer developers Frank Romo and Malcolm MacLachlan visually documented the historic growth of the BLM movement that became a global call for justice this year.

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Boston Children's Hospital

Volunteers Kelsey Taylor and John Branigan worked with teams at the Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School to redesign the HealthMap COVID-19 dashboard and Outbreaks Near Me app.

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This free emissions calculator helps businesses to reduce and offset the carbon footprint of their shipping and supply chains, using geocoding and the Directions API to convert shipment data into distances travelled.

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Flood Factor

By making flood risk data freely available for all, First Street Foundation is equipping individuals and communities across the US to better understand and prepare for flooding — powered by maps, geocodes, and building footprints.

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Educational Opportunity Project

Hyperobjekt partnered with the Stanford Education Data Archive to turn 350 million standardized test scores into a unique tool for exploring questions about access to education.

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The team at Vulcan Inc. launched a new version of their software custom built for protected area managers and rangers to help them combat poaching and prevent human-wildlife conflict.

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Hard to Count

A coalition anchored by the CUNY Center for Urban Research built a public dashboard to report the response rates for the US 2020 Census to support a fair and accurate count. 

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To engage with new, more diverse audiences and increase awareness of the 171 world heritage sites in the UK, this team built an interactive map to make heritage more accessible, especially during a pandemic.

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A nonprofit founded to combat election chaos and drive record-shattering voter turnout, VoteAmerica used location tools to help register over 20 million voters and support them to navigate local voting logistics.

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World Central Kitchen

To tell the story of how they distributed 35 million meals across the United States in response to the pandemic, WCK created an interactive map and the Directions API to illustrate delivery routes.

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2020 Highlights

Mapbox wants to help you make and scale maps to support your community work.