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Western Fire Chiefs Association

Track the locations of wildfire incidents.

The Wildland Fire Map by the Western Fire Chiefs Association provides public access to the near real-time wildfire information across the United States, helping communities stay informed and safe.

“In a wildfire situation, information about where a fire is and how it is moving must be clear, reliable, and easily accessible. We chose Mapbox to power the Fire Map because it delivers top notch performance at scale and gives us full control over the design of the map. Our new map enables the public to monitor dynamic wildfires in near real-time using a tool tailored to their needs.”

Brent VanKeulen, Deputy Director, Western Fire Chiefs Association

The WFCA Fire Map pulls data from the US Forest Service via National Interagency Fire Center IRWIN feed, and 911 Dispatch data via PulsePoint to track the location of the wildfire as they start and while they’re burning. The WFCA Fire Map is the first map of its kind to pull such data from 911 Dispatch in relevant areas.

The map was built with help from the Gartrell Group, using Mapbox GL JS, Geocoding API and a custom map style created in Studio designed to make the fire map easy to use and optimized for low connectivity situations.