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The Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS and Android transformed the PayPay app experience

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Increased flexibility to design what information to show, when, and how to improve the user experience
  • Seamless integration with both iOS and Android applications
  • Enhanced visuals and map interactions make it easier for users to navigate store information on the map

products used

Mobile Maps SDK

PayPay QR codes are ubiquitous throughout Japan offering customers simple and fast cashless payment services, as well as online shopping payments, and a new service called PayPay Pickup that allows users to browse nearby restaurants or cafes, place an order in PayPay and then pick up the food without having to wait or pay extra to have it delivered. 

As one of the fastest growing payment apps with over 30 million registered users, PayPay offers an impressive range of services in partnership with over 2.3 million members stores throughout Japan. To improve the mapping experience, PayPay integrated Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS and Android to allow for more flexibility in choosing what information to show, when and how.

PayPay turned to Mapbox to provide enhanced visuals of the PayPay map. They reduced the color palette, using a more limited set of colors but with higher contrast, meaning shops, and the roads that they are located on, as well as other key landmarks are now much easier to understand at a glance.

A cleaner look also helps with optimizing performance so that it becomes much easier for users to scroll the local area, zoom, or quickly jump to another area entirely. PayPay have implemented easy-to-use category and campaign filters, to help users locate that hotel in a business center or a ramen shop close to home, or narrow down to stores that are currently part of a special offer or cashback campaign.

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