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Toyota builds next-generation cloud navigation with the Mapbox Maps SDK and Studio

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Flexibility of the Mapbox Maps SDK complements the latest-generation infotainment systems
  • Designers can have complete control over map visuals with Mapbox Studio
  • Updates can be rolled out to all vehicles instantaneously over the air

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As Toyota continues its evolution from an automotive company to a mobility company, it is doing so through intelligent services and agile, cloud-based software. The Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) next-generation Audio Multimedia infotainment technologies unlock new potential in augmenting customer-focused driving experiences, especially when it comes to services like its cloud navigation. Their next-generation multimedia systems represent a new way of thinking about how to use navigation to support the driving experience.

According to the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Initial Quality Study, the infotainment system is identified as the most troublesome feature in new vehicles. In the past, in-vehicle maps were generally static when vehicles rolled off the production line, making the navigation experience feel dated over time.

Mapbox worked closely with TMNA and its affiliates to bring to market a driving experience that will exceed customer expectations. Now engineers can push updates to vehicles in real time so the driver experience continues to feel fresh and up to date.

The new navigation system uses the Mapbox Maps SDK, which complements the TMNA latest-generation Audio Multimedia system and makes turn-by-turn navigation intuitive for drivers. TMNA designers are able to modify the look and feel of the navigation experience via Mapbox Studio, enabling map design updates to be rolled out to all vehicles instantaneously. With meticulous attention to the end user experience and by unlocking the ability to receive data and design updates over the air, TMNA has enabled the driver navigation experience to keep pace with drivers’ evolving needs.

TMNA has launched its elevated navigation enhancements in select 2022 and 2023 Toyota (Audio Multimedia) and Lexus (Lexus Interface) vehicles. As more vehicles with the latest infotainment technologies arrive, drivers will have the advantage of utilizing more engaging and robust navigation software that can be updated in a manner similar to updates on their smartphones.

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