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Secure global mapping of fiber cables and data centers

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Cloud connectivity, network assets, global infrastructure - the complexity of maintaining modern enterprise technology is a challenge for any business. CenturyLink’s rebrand to Lumen required a secure way to display that global infrastructure and mark an evolution of the company from telecommunications to platform-based tech.

Lumen’s Network Maps are self-hosted using Mapbox Atlas to showcase the Lumen Global Network, which contains an ever-changing set of global fiber cables, data centers, and ethernet locations. Customers around the world use these maps—designed with Lumen’s new brand in mind—to better understand the strength and reach of Lumen’s coverage. In addition to offering privacy and control that meets industry regulations for their data, Mapbox Atlas runs on Kubernetes, which gives Lumen tools to automate the scaling and reliability of their application. Lumen was able to use the Atlas for Kubernetes Helm chart to deploy and integrate Atlas in just a few hours.

Lumen's Interactive Network Map

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