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Building with Mapbox GL JS and Mapbox GL Draw helped anny to increase customer satisfaction and make their booking experience 10x faster

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Smooth map rendering and zoom-based styling with Mapbox GL JS accommodates visualization of a highly diverse range of bookable assets
  • Mapbox GL Draw enables an advanced drawing toolkit for mapping custom records
  • Interactive map view praised by customers who now complete bookings 10 times faster

products used

Mapbox GL JS

Base Maps

About anny

Ever wish there was a single portal for reserving spaces, from meeting rooms, to parking spots, to campsites? As an online platform for business and personal bookings, anny simplifies capacity and resource management by providing booking options for all industries. 

With a wide range of personalization and integration options, anny helps customers use resources efficiently by letting them book precisely what they need. anny also empowers businesses to upgrade their booking workflow and make more resources available for reservations. Already, anny customers can access a marketplace of vendors with over 20 million resources available for reservation.

The challenge of visualizing every type of bookable asset on a map

Creating intuitive and engaging visualizations is a key way that anny is increasing user satisfaction. An enhanced map view was identified as one of the top three priorities to add to the anny booking system.

However, anny faced a challenge of how to visualize its wide variety of resource types. When styling everything from an individual parking spot, to multiple meeting rooms across different floors within an office building, to entire buildings available to rent, simple dots on a static map image did not provide the level of detail needed for a satisfying user experience.

Mapbox provides unlimited flexibility for customization of the user experience

anny needed a flexible solution for visualizing asset location within their Maps feature, and Mapbox provides the answer. The dynamic zoom-based styling options possible with Mapbox GL JS can accomodate everything from an indoor mapping use case all the way to a global map view. The ability to create multiple layers in a map style meant anny could now support visualizations of multi-story buildings. The 3D features of Mapbox GL JS, combined with detailed terrain layers, made it effortless to enable a 3D map view for users. 

The anny Map feature now provides a highly interactive way for users to identify and explore detailed previews of bookable resources. Even with many layers of data, containing detailed meta data, and a custom search function the map renders smoothly and efficiently within the anny platform. The Map feature also works on mobile and within the anny Microsoft Teams integration, so organizations that function within the Microsoft ecosystem can collaborate on creating or booking resources.

Supporting map features for builders and customers

The mapping solution of anny is split into two major components: The Map-Builder and the Map-Explorer. The Map-Builder includes a ‘Magic Draw’ function, built using Mapbox GL Draw, that provides anny customers with an advanced drawing toolkit to add and customize how their bookable resources display on the Map-Explorer. Businesses can draw outlines of buildings with one click or use full manual control so they can outline any bookable resource including rooms, desks, lockers, parking, sports courses, campsites and more.

The Map-Explorer allows customers to discover resources visually through the map. For each resource, users can reveal detailed information and book it instantly using popovers on the map. Customers can also explore the map in 3D, which anny enables using the extrusion feature of Mapbox GL JS based on the resource outline polygons. 

An engaging booking process that is 10 times faster

Since implementing their maps feature, anny has seen customers complete their booking progress 10 times faster. A user can now select and book a flex-desk, room, or parking lot in 3 seconds instead of 30 seconds.

Business customers are also pleased with improvements to customization options, reporting that the maps of their bookable resources are now easier to understand and have helped to increase their bookings.

As an international and growing platform, anny builds with Mapbox to ensure that their Maps feature will scale across borders, new markets, and new customer groups with the flexibility needed to draw and display any bookable resource on a map. 

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