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Paving the way for a better construction industry

BuildingConnected, an Autodesk company, is a bid management platform that connects owners, contractors and subcontractors looking to discover qualified builders to bid on work. In the past, BuildingConnected primarily used historical data and assumptions about the subcontractors willingness to travel to facilitate these business opportunities.

BuildingConnected's preconstruction solution

By implementing Mapbox Boundaries, their product team is able to provide a visual tool for contractors to proactively and very easily indicate the exact areas in which they perform jobs. This change helps owners and general contractors by giving them more time to focus on choosing the right trades to bid on the right jobs.

“Since the map feature went live over a year ago, over 76,000 offices have defined or confirmed regions in which they perform work - made possible by Mapbox Boundaries. These definitions help us provide our users with more relevant invitations to bid via our search and recommendation systems.”

- Brian Quach, Engineering Lead