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Grand Tour of Switzerland

Customized in-app Mapbox navigation provides turn-by-turn directions for a personalized tour

About Schweiz Tourismus

The Grand Tour of Switzerland is a road trip through the whole of Switzerland, showcasing all the country has to offer, from beautiful lakes and alpine passes to scenic towns and World Heritage sites. The tour is curated by Schweiz Tourismus, the tourism agency of Switzerland. It is the ultimate cross-platform tourist experience, spanning physical locations and tour routes, extensive highway signage, an immersive website, collectible NFTs, and the mobile app on iOS and Android.

The value of tailored navigation

At 1,600km and over 90 recommended stops, the tour is a lot to take in. To help guests plan their experience, Schweiz Tourismus built the Grand Tour app. The Schweiz Tourismus team realized that the app experience could do much more than route planning — the app could accompany visitors along the entire journey, like a personalized tour guide helping them navigate their planned route while on the road. The app needed not only a thoughtful route planning experience, but also a navigation experience that would feel customized and integrated within the Grand Tour app.

Mapbox Navigation products offer the performance and flexibility for personalized tour routes

For Switzerland Tourism and their developers at the Swiss digital agency JLS, Mapbox was the answer. Mapbox Navigation services are customizable enough to integrate into the Grand Tour app, with support for both iOS and Android, and flexible enough to accommodate both recommended route sections predefined by Schweiz Tourismus and any custom routes designed by guests.

“We were delighted to discover how the Mapbox Navigation SDK perfectly met our needs for the Grand Tour app. It is obvious that Mapbox Maps and Navigation products are built by engineers who are passionate about delivering quality and enabling creativity.”

Estefan Justo, Head of Digital Platforms & Products, Switzerland Tourism

The app helps plan drive time and distances, recommends highlights to visit, and guides drivers conveniently and easily along the route with a map and turn-by-turn directions all without leaving the app, thanks to the package of features within the Mapbox Navigation SDK. The app also encourages visitors to choose an electric vehicle for their journey by providing information on charging stations along the planned route.

Drivers appreciate the customized routing experience

After only 6 months, the Grand Tour app has already been downloaded 40,000 times by tourists traveling to Switzerland and secured app ratings over 4.5 stars, including placing No. 20 in the Navigation apps category of the Apple app store. Reviews by users specifically mention the navigation experience and how they appreciate that the app drives them through their route.