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Interactive Mapbox GL JS maps equip CNN data journalists to visualize breaking news fast and with confidence in accurate location data

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Mapbox Studio and design tools let graphics designers control every detail of map visuals and to publish news stories quickly
  • The Mapbox Tiling Service builds and serves map tiles of custom data fast, even during spikes of traffic
  • Mapbox GL JS allows a choice of map projection for optimized data visualizations at every zoom level

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Mapbox Tiling Service

Mapbox GL JS

Life moves fast, but hurricanes and wildfires move faster. People need to know where major weather events are going to occur; to protect themselves, their families, and their livelihoods.

Life may move fast, but CNN moves faster. As the world’s first television channel to provide 24-hour news coverage, CNN knows how to move fast and break news. Whether about politics, business, or the weather, CNN has you covered on the most important news of the day. 

Location is a significant part of breaking news, and CNN’s tracking of hurricanes and wildfires with Mapbox’s maps provides critical location data to people living near major weather events.

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Informing, engaging and empowering the world also relies heavily on data and The CNN Visual News team also makes use of Mapbox to visualize what’s happening around the world. 

The 2020 Census data release was no exception for the team, who produced a dot-density map on race and ethnicity in the U.S. within just a few hours of the major release. Not only did the use of Mapbox Studio help easily design the overall look and feel of the dot-density basemap, but it also allowed control over key map features such as land, waster and roads. The previously built Mapbox-based maps for wildfires and hurricanes were also key to the quick turnaround.

CNN race and ethnicity dot-density map from 2020 census data
CNN’s 2020 Census Race and Ethnicity Map

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