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Life moves fast, but hurricanes and wildfires move faster. People need to know where major weather events are going to occur; to protect themselves, their families, and their livelihoods.

Life may move fast, but CNN moves faster. As the world’s first television channel to provide 24-hour news coverage, CNN knows how to move fast and break news. Whether about politics, business, or the weather, CNN has you covered on the most important news of the day. 

Location is a significant part of breaking news, and CNN’s tracking of hurricanes and wildfires with Mapbox’s maps provides critical location data to people living near major weather events.

“Every minute counts when we are trying to go live with a news story - which is why we use Mapbox design tools to quickly publish maps to our stories. We’re analyzing data and designing maps every day - from reporting on earthquakes to tracking hurricanes to monitoring wildfires - we rely on Mapbox as the critical infrastructure for streaming those fast maps. Our 150 million readers count on CNN for breaking news, and maps lets us show exactly where the news is unfolding."

Sean O'Key, Interactive Director