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The combination of the Mapbox Mobile Maps SDKs, Static Images API, Mapbox Tiles, and Geocoding Suunto enables users to customize their outdoor experience

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • The Mapbox Mobile Maps SDKs easily loads large datasets in real time to help users track their activity and get various custom data
  • The combination of Mapbox Tiles and Static Images API enables wristwatches map experience as effective as in mobile apps
  • The Mapbox Geocoding API guarantee seamless and detailed location search

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Mobile Maps SDK

Finland-based Suunto has been building powerful tools for adventure since founder Tuomas Vohlonen created a more accurate compass in 1936. Today Suunto still makes mechanical compasses — along with GPS enabled fitness watches and dive computers for those looking for a more connected experience. And whether you're exploring the highest peaks or just out for a neighborhood jog, the Suunto App on iOS and Android makes every move count.

Activity tracking shows speed, distance, route and elevation on the map, powered by the Mapbox Mobile Maps SDKs. Discover a route with crowdsourced heat maps, or chose your own by selecting waypoints, then sync the directions to your watch for phone-free navigation. The app also provides overall activity trends, and even a sleep summary when you are ready to rest, to keep your life in balance so you can get back out there tomorrow.

Our customers expect a map experience that's as effective on our wristwatches as it is in our mobile app. Mapbox gives us the control we need to deliver it on all of our platforms.

Sunto App on Android

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