Curbside pickup for the new reality of retail

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May 28, 2020

Curbside pickup for the new reality of retail


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May 28, 2020

Eliminate long wait lines

Curbside pickup has become a popular and sometimes required part of the shopping experience but often long curbside pickup lines are frustrating shoppers. Retailers are seeing up to 3x increase in traffic, but have to guess when the customer will arrive to allocate appropriate resources at the appropriate time to fill the order. Retailers are seeing that the average time between customer arrival at curbside and order pickup is 8 to 12 minutes. Accounting for a 10-minute buffer for a customer to arrive, the order fulfillment time requires that a curbside pickup spot be reserved for 30 minutes, creating long lines. Mapbox enables retailers to combat these long lines by alerting store staff when the shopper is on their way and when their arrival is imminent.

Retailers currently address this problem in different ways. One approach is to assign staff to monitor pickup spots to know when a customer has arrived to pick up their order. Another is to require the customer to notify the store about their arrival through interacting with the app or making a phone call. These alternatives are less efficient and often frustrating because they are dependent on employees or customers’ actions.

Curbside pickup alerts through the Isochrone API

Isochrones around a store location

The Mapbox Isochrone API enables the creation of concentric geofences that define travel times to your store. As a shopper who uses your mobile app drives toward the store to pick up their order, alerts can show up in your store staff’s curbside pickup dashboard. With the Isochrone API, you can configure up to 60 geofences with 1-minute intervals around your location to accurately estimate the shopper’s ETA.

With an accurate estimate of the shopper’s ETA, your store staff can ensure that the order is at the pickup location as soon as the shopper arrives. No scrambling, no long lines, no frustration!

Get started using the Isochrone API to create geofences or get in touch with us to discuss your use case.

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