Navigating the Future of Electric Mobility

Introducing EV Charge Finder API

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Sep 27, 2023

Navigating the Future of Electric Mobility

Introducing EV Charge Finder API


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Sep 27, 2023

In an era where electric vehicles (EVs) are increasing in popularity, one of the major challenges for EV owners is finding accessible and convenient charging stations. The latest findings from JD Power show that customer satisification has dropped by at least 16 points when it comes to public charging. Not only are EV drivers anxious about range, but broken and difficult charging experiencees are causing many to question their decision to switch from an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle to an EV. 

Designed to provide EV drivers with the knowledge they need to locate, access, and navigate to charging stations effortlessly, the new Charge Finder API from Mapbox provides up-to-date information on over 750,000 charging stations in more than 70 countries. Whether you're building with our in-car application, Mapbox Dash, or integrating Mapbox EV solutions into your favorite in-car or mobile app, finding the perfect charging station has never been easier.

EV charging made simple

At its core, the EV Charge Finder API provides vital information about charging stations that helps in finding the best charging stations around a certain location. One of its standout features is precise and expansive location information, making it easier to incorporate charging station data into applications. Developers can choose from a variety of station criteria to display, ranging from details on charging speeds, availability, price, and plug compatibility, giving drivers the ability to select a station that aligns best with their time constraints and vehicle types.

To enhance the overall experience, the EV Charge Finder API also provides data about the charging station's location, so drivers can always be charging no matter where they are. By offering insights into nearby amenities, including restaurants, coffee shops, parking facilities, restrooms, shopping centers, and parks, EV drivers are empowered with the information they need to make informed decisions. 

Fuel EV drivers with confidence

Encountering broken, private, restricted, or out-of-order charging stations has long been a point of concern for both drivers and the broader EV industry. EV Charge Finder provides accurate and real-time information on the availability and reliability of charging stations.

By leveraging proprietary location data from Mapbox, the API takes station information to the next level. It enriches station data with contextually relevant details about each station and the surrounding area, including nearby amenities. 

For developers, the resource-saving aspect of the EV Charge Finder API is especially useful. It streamlines the process by providing a comprehensive database of charging stations, saving valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on building integrations and connections with Charge Point Owners (CPOs).

Reshaping the EV Landscape

The versatility of the EV Charge Finder API makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of use cases in the electric vehicle industry:

Route Planning

Integrating the EV Charge Finder API into navigation and mapping applications helps EV drivers plan their trips efficiently by providing information on charging station locations along their routes.

OEM Apps

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can use the API in head unit navigation systems or companion apps to help users find nearby charging stations based on their location or specific search criteria such as plug types, charger speed, or availability.

Travel and Transportation Apps

Travel and transportation apps can integrate the API to assist users in finding charging stations near other Points of Interest (POIs), such as parking facilities, hotels, enhancing the overall travel experience.

Vehicle-centric Apps

Apps designed specifically for electric vehicles can integrate the EV Charge Finder API to help drivers quickly locate nearby charging stations.

Standards and Customization

The EV Charge Finder API follows the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) V2.2.1 protocol and interfaces wherever possible, ensuring adherence to industry standards. Additionally, the API offers customization options, including the ability to filter and sort stations based on charger speed, plug types, network, availability, payment-enabled, amenities, and price. 

Seamless EV Charging with Mapbox Charge Finder API

With its global reach, real-time data, and station insights, the ChargeFinder API empowers a seamless charging experience and gives EV drivers peace of mind. As the world pivots towards electric vehicles, Mapbox continues to lead the way in providing a world-class EV user experience. 

Sign up today to participate in the private preview of Mapbox EV Charge Finder.

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